Jan. 2nd, 2010

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Looks like 79 movies, with one repeat (friggin' Fountainhead!). Worse than last year, but not by too much (well... ten fewer), and better than the year before (which was sucky -- 55?!). Looks like the middle of the year was taken up with work; we'd get home at 9pm and not have the fortitude to put on a movie. We also had a bunch of attention-grabbing games (Arkham Asylum, Borderlands, Oblivion), so that's also to the movie count's detriment.
So here is the list. )
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Thus far this year I've finished McTeague (Frank Norris, 1899), and begun Mrs. Bridge (Evan S. Connell, 1959). I picked them both up in the free box at the art center, and am/have enjoyed them rather a lot.

McTeague is an awesome civilization-vs-unreasoning-beast story, which starts out as sort of a slice-of-life turn of the century San Francisco piece, eventually veering into something much more violent and surprising. Good stuff.

Mrs. Bridge is so far about a bored 1940s housewife, throughout her unsatisfying life, as she remains mired in her mannered little stodgy ways.

Huzzah for free books, is what I say.


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