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Ci Ling (AKA The Treasure Hunter, 2009),
Yen-ping Chu. Jan 27, 2pm. View count: One.
Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince (2009), David Yates. Jan 31, 6am PST. View count: One.
Le Corbeau (1943), Henri-Georges Clouzot. Feb 5, 8pm. View count: One.

Okay! Gotta get these done, because I've forgotten most of whatever I wanted to say.

Treasure Hunter is not very interesting. There are a few fun fight scenes, and the whole thing is arguably a takeoff on bad american archaeology movies (Indiana Jones, The Mummy, whatever), but these put forth only momentary fun. As JP diagnosed, all the characters spend the movie steered around by the plot. They all behave as if they've been driven out to do their day's work here in the desert, not as if they're motivated by anything film-internal. We pretty much watched it to get out of the rain.

The HP we saw on the plane back from Australia, and I was half awake throughout, not to mention someone's head was covering a portion of the bottom of the screen. Uh, it seemed like a Harry Potter movie. We had some good laughs in its presence, but then again sleep deprivation was the order of the day. Doesn't seem as all-around well-pulled-off as the third one.

Le Corbeau is a nice small-town whodunit, with lots of cruel anonymous "poison pen" letters strewn about the plot. I was pleased with it.
I didn't know that it was a political statement, but according to someone on imdb:
"This, of course, was the film that earned Clouzot a lasting reputation as a collaborator – made for the infamous German Continental films, it was attacked by both the Nazis for discouraging the French from informing (their main source of information during the occupation) and the resistance for attacking the French moral character. Of the two, it's pretty obvious the Nazis were on the right track. Even though the Germans are conspicuous by their absence, it makes clear that the anonymous informer/s are undermining solidarity and making the town easy prey for predators [...]."
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