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Random Recipe Generator

Brandy Salad
Serves 3
You will need:

* 5 lime
* 100ml brandy
* 110ml water


1. pre-heat the oven to 210 C
2. fry the lime
3. melt the lime
4. throw the lime away
5. fry the water until browned
6. sauté the brandy
7. bake for 30 minutes and serve hot
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So someone messaged me on flickr asking if they could post some of my photos of taxidermy on their blog, as they'd seen some posted elsewhere (these people didn't ask, I don't think, but they credited me, so it's plenty fine). I was charmed, and checked out the Ravishing Beasts blog. In a recent post, I found a link to this taxidermy art piece, on which those who are yucked out by taxidermy should not click. But I'm impressed (though less so by the snooz-ers Artist Statement). Here is Ravishing Beasts' page of contemporary taxidermy art.

(Anyone who gets why I used this avatar gets double awesome points.)
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Holy crow, I have been boingboinged. (Thanks of course to my patron of the unsettling arts, the Total Dick-Head.)
(Also, note the last comment there on his blog post: Tessa Dick [PKD's last wife] thinks they are cool. I WIN.)

Oh Yes

Jul. 29th, 2008 08:56 pm
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My guest strip is up today-yesterday at Goode Olde Name Removed. SOMEONE needs to put out a book. And t-shirts.

In other news, aaaaaaaargh, DWARF FORTRESS!
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Sweet luggage shaped like a ribcage. Speaking of skeletony consumer goods.

And speaking of Pinhead, here for all your Doug Bradley needs is DougBradleyDotCom which seems to be indistinguishable from DougBradley.co.uk. THIS IS OKAY. He also has this half adorable half sad 'tour diary' from last year, in which he tours america and is cooler than most people. I must also draw your attention to the DougBradley.com t-shirts which I fortunately made my willpower roll regarding, barely. Also also, there is a whole gallery of people's Hellraiser tattoos, and of Doug Bradley posing in varying degrees of amiability with chunky teenagers in black, girls with black lipstick and colored fake dreads, and dudes in Axl Rose bandannas.

All of this makes me feel pretty sorry for this fellow who has to be my dad's age and still must tour events like Pittsburgh's 'Horrorhound Weekend' (although no sign of him on Spooky World's site [beware of enjoy hilarious swf-music and VO], which must mean only good things. When did they move to the Bayside Expo?), although bless the guy if he gets a kick out of it. He powered through all eight goddamn Hellraiser movies. The man is obviously a saint.

Lastly, a couple of tooth necklaces on etsy, and a ribcage one. Suck it, summer!
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A Thing: New Venture Bros: June 1. Also, toys? But blind-box toys, oh fie.

Another Thing: High-res Wanderlust video. Yay. I am finding myself missing Björk's more harmonic work, though.

A Third Thing: I like how such a large proportion of comments on del.icio.us entries for that japanese flash attentional mouse-following girl-thing mention how creepy it is.
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Fa fa fa, I so, SO wish that Robert Carlyle was going to play Dr. Who. A touch of horrible crazy is exactly what's needed.

I think this post is about the style of cooking portrayed in Lunch Queen. That is neat.

This is the most badass sculpture I've seen in a while. There is a lot more if you click on the different years, but the most recent ones are I think the most successful.

Madeofmeat lunk this page a little while ago, and it's got some interesting stuff, but good christ, the type on the splash page! The pain!

Kinda cute music video with an attractive visual treatment. Too bad about the facially dead dead deadski 3d protagonist.
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Hey, look, Alex-Cox-flavored comic-format Repo Man sequel! Not insanely exciting visually, although Otto's new incarnation does look an awful lot like David Lynch.

Hurr, Mr. Campion did a Cap'n Future illustration!

I've sat through this footage of Andy Warhol eating a hamburger three times now. I don't think I've ever known anyone who dips their hamburger into ketchup. My favorite parts are when he accidentally knocks into the takeout bag when trying to pick it up, and the sitting around at the end.
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Is this site a front for some kind of shady operation or extra-clever 'viral' thingy?
Please look around at the many types of spice racks. We hope we can help to inform your decision.

They do not actually sell spice racks, or link to places where they are sold.
Especially check the faq.
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Ooh, look, I got mentioned on the Total Dick-Head blog. Dude didn't pick the most pleasing photo, but, oh well. Extremely niche recognition is extremely niche recognition.

Ha ha, Evangelion characters doritos.

Some serious ups and downs, but here are some things film people emailed Ebert about Ingmar Bergman.
My dad showed me The Seventh Seal when I was a child, twelve maybe. I remember being pretty enthralled. I recently got my hands on some more of his work, and intend to watch the hell out of it.
Oh, and the conversations on ghibli blog posted the absolutely adorable little beer commercial/Bergman mashup from I forget what MST3K episode. Just to tie in with jwgh's comment.
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Some stuff on the internet:

Debbie Harry is putting out a new album. Her voice has changed some, but in sort of a rougher, more interesting way (apart from the fact that it sounds almost like two different vocalists on the track linked). I don't know if I quite approve of the effects, but the song is fairly nice. If you listen to it, spot the part where I expect it to segue into 'Cish Cash.'

Women as carriers of autism. The incidence of autism is three times higher in men, apparently. Good for autism researchers for managing to generate some public awareness and therefore funds for research, of late.

A band that consists of two sisters whose parents seem to have named them after two of Tom Baker's companions. The song whose video is on that page is pretty catchy, as well.

Total burn on the typographical redesign of a dutch newspaper. Good fonts misused in annoying ways.

Useful post by tongodeon about hansei (sort of 'reflective consideration for others, only more active').

Writeup of the case of the fellow with very little brain matter, which probably everyone has already seen, but it's fairly neato.
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I am never going to not drink this matcha again. I am always going to have a cup of it in my hand, probably with some soymilk in it because I'm hooked on the whole 'strong green tea with soymilk' thing, and stirred with a fork because I haven't got a whisk. And possibly another cup in my other hand and a straw in a third cup while I'm at it.*

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The best metatalk thread (about transporters); the best Todd Alcott post (about how Darth Vader is totally gay for Boba Fett); the best new Ang Lee trailer (WW2 Shanghai); the best dinosaur skull cast collection, the best Transformersthemovie post.
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LJ is doing that thing where it won't let me post a long entry, so instead of reading (or not) my writeup of the battered-wife movie we saw last night, you can look at a picture of a mouse.
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These guys have missed out on the opportunity to totally condescend to us with an infographic. Past peak, indeed. I want 'Foliage Notably Absent' or 'Foliage Under Snow or Ice'. And in spring, 'Foliage Still Forming. Please check back in six months.'
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Interview with Irene Pepperberg over at the blog of a nice grad student lady who plugs the Alex Foundation store.
Irene Pepperberg is currently the only scientist I've made a Mii of. (Speaking of not having grammar.)
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Okay, I just need you to look at these shoes. Just look a little.

[To clarify: I don't like the shoes themselves, at all, but I do enjoy their juxtaposition with rubber spiders. I don't think that it'd be as fun with less awful shoes, either.]


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