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I dreamt that I used this japan-style emoticon while talking to n0wak on irc --> f _ - )

What the heck, subconscious. Although it is kind of neat, with the 3/4 view thing.
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I had a dream this morning that I was friends with this tall, statuesque girl with curly dark hair, who worked at what amounted to a burlesque show for nerds. Everyone dressed in Star Trek uniforms or renfaire whatnot, with corsets and gowns and whatall, and they would have the audience roll d20s to determine what the next act would be. I told her it sounded like a pretty good idea. "You must be raking in the cash," I said, but she responded something about how you'd think so, but that her tips were lousy.
I was going to go along with her to watch, but I got lost in some house trying to find my coffee press, and I took off the boots I was wearing at some point and I couldn't locate those either, so I missed the bus.
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Okay, I just had a dream about a Romero-made remake/ripoff of Doom that was called 'FOOD', and was ostensibly about nutrition. But it turned out to have a strong propagandistic streak, because all the bosses were represented by humanoid forms (all female, I think) of some sort of meat, and became progressively more horrible as you went from fish to chicken to beef. Also the avatar looked like a little boy in a bear suit (perhaps earless), but you only saw him in the poster, where he was slumped halfway out of one of the Doom-styled Os.
There was also a movie version, which I spent most of the dream watching.
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I had a dream this morning at some point that I read an article about Batman only eating round food, only things that either came in ball form or could be shaped into it. There was, accompanying the article, a loose painting illustrating this idea, with Batman holding a plate of what I knew were spherical pieces of vegetable (carrots, broccoli, and potatoes). Here's my best (quick) effort at reproducing it. )
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Some sort of magical event was about to fuck up the village I lived in (I remember borrowing someone's room on a high floor, and being woken up early by a guy mowing his lawn next door. I yelled out the window for him to shut up, but he looked right up toward me and continued on. I went downstairs to find people already milling around and talking about some message they'd gotten which I can't remember now; it was something about a cannon).

Someone said that Dee could fix this, and so I went to find her. She was in an arcade with her two friends, and was a kid about eleven or twelve. She was playing either pinball or skeeball. She agreed to come with and help, so we started off to town hall or something like it. we crested a ridge and there was town below us in a valley, sort of blue and with lots of little lights. suddenly two white wavy lines (wind-waker-ish) drew themselves in the air behind us (we could see them over the preceding hills and such; they stayed within their template and didn't wiggle. They also groundfitted pretty closely) and we felt a strong wind.

We hunkered down and waited for it to stop, which it did, and we continued on. But then the lines redrew themselves again, and we realised after a few minutes that we were going to have to walk through it. (The lines were blowing from behind us, so it wasn't too terrible.) So sooner or later we got to town hall, and a tall doughy whitebread guy and a very short pockmarked stout lady were conducting a 'mormon' marriage of two twelve-year-olds. We pushed through them, saying that this was more important (and it was implied that we'd been adversaries before). I told the random crowd of people that I'd brought Dee, and did anyone have instructions for her. Three or four people asked if anyone had a dime, and some of them found one and some didn't. Regardless, they all went through a complicated series of movements, using the dime and their hands (or just their hands), showing its position relative to things. The dime didn't have any special powers; it just was handy to rhyme with, and thereby to teach fixing-rhymes to anyone. So Dee watched this intently, and I can't remember the rhyme except for the very end:

Push back the dime
to fix the time
And all goes back together.

I looked over at her to see if she'd gotten it, and she was replaying an earlier part of the rhyme with hand motions, concentrating, so I took that to mean she'd absorbed it.
I think I woke up about then. I'm still not sure what the dime was supposed to represent, or really what was wrong with the time or anything else.
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So, the potent combination of Revolution Controller and some Philip K Dick short stories before bed seem to have borne fruit, albeit kind of boring fruit. I had a dream about a little device that was supposed to evoke those mono-viewmaster-oid things, you know, they sell them at tourist traps all over the US (I had one as a child, which was shaped like a little television). The original contains a little wheel of slides/transparencies, which you next-button through while pressing your eye up to an eyehole in the back of the device (making sure that you're facing a light source). The one I dreamt of had a USB port in the bottom, and some kind of LCD screen inside it. They were still very cheap, and people would give them away to their friends in lieu of sending them a cd of travel photos or whatever. Their capacity wasn't very great, but that was sort of the point. Kelli wanted some to put a minicomic on, to give away at cons, which dream-me had never thought of, and was impressed at the ingenuity.
There are obviously still some problems (LCD screen right up in your eye = crap), but, oh well.

Homeopape, conapt, autofac!
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This morning's dream:
I was watching something not unlike an infomercial, which was for a device that transferred heat from one food product to another. It showed a lady at a light wooden table, in which was set two metal cups a few inches in diameter. In one hand she held a jar of peanut butter, and in the other a jar of jelly. She placed one jar into each cup, and presumably did some sort of button-pushing, and when she removed the jars, the jelly was visibly liquidy and melted (the peanut butter was supposed to be commensurately colder, but that wasn't easy to see). Then there was some patter, during which, the technology that made this all possible was referred to as 'Maxwell's Friend.'

Then there was something about a ventriloquism act wherein the dummy had a dummy of its own, and when using it, its mouth moved slightly. I think the act had gotten to the point where the second dummy had made motions to pull out its own, third dummy, but I don't remember quite.
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This video is just beautiful. Cecil sent it to me, as an example of modern puppetry, but it's not just that; it's a portion of that wonderful/terrifying line-walking that I love so much.

Part of that reaction may be due to a dream I had sometime in college, which the scene in the operating room really yanked out of deep storage and into conscious memory. I'd written it down back then.

You can read it, should you wish )

zusty: That floaty hips-up and hips-down motion at the end in the operating room is really making me think of that puppet operating room dream I had
zusty: I just love it.
zusty: The gurney shot is the pinnacle though
zusty: his horrible teeth
zusty: and the multi-axis mouth motion

The way the puppeteers keep encouraging your suspension of disbelief, but then crushing it when the puppet's mouth opens too wide and abnormally deforms the face, and the way the body in the close-ups never wavers but then a cut directly to a nerd-dancing long shot-- this kind of stuff is suddenly awesome in the usually predictable world of music videos. I think there are three - possibly more, but probably not - separate puppets.
Closeup one, as seen at the beginning. Has eye, eyelid, tongue, and several mouth controls.
Full-body, as seen at the beginning and at the end. Has no finer controls.
Closeup two, as seen toward the end. Watch the way the mouth and jaw deform, and look closely at the brow, and tell me if you think it's the same as closeup one. I think it's different; maybe there was damage to the original puppet. [Addendum: two is definitely a new puppet; it has the eyebrow controls.]

Also, I can't help but think of Daleks while watching this video for Cish Cash, which I didn't even know _had_ a video. The delicate way the tanks move their little gun barrels is extremely Dalekly to me.
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Last night I dreamed that we somehow found (at a thrift store?) a game console called the Wendy. It was maybe two-thirds the size of a ps2, similarly tall, and more square. It was a strange light yellow, not terribly saturated, and it had a smallish square transparent darker yellow window near the bottom right corner (about 2"x2"). This was where you'd insert the cassettes, which was the form of cartridge. The cassettes looked much almost-cubical regular cassette tapes, except each one had two reels of tape, parallel. It wasn't clear whether either piece of tape could be read independently of the other. Also, I never saw the controllers, sadly, or the ports.


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