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This evening in my editing class I was explaining what prepending 'Ur' to a word or phrase meant, since no one else seemed to know. I got it across that it was a way of referring to the first of a kind of thing, or a progenitor, and I then gave a couple of examples: ur-language, ur-hominid, and... there I had to stop, because my mind had supplied and I had almost said "ur-beatle."
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Oh boy, feast or famine. I'm busy and stuff, sorry, internet. I promise I'll say words to you soon.
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Yesterday I got to hold and draw a cast made from the famous Tiktaalik (the one people call a 'fishapod' sometimes) fossil. It was pretty great. Look at his little face!

Oh Yes

Jul. 29th, 2008 08:56 pm
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My guest strip is up today-yesterday at Goode Olde Name Removed. SOMEONE needs to put out a book. And t-shirts.

In other news, aaaaaaaargh, DWARF FORTRESS!
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We went yesterday to see the Body Worlds exhibit in a science museum in San Jose, to which I'd been, weirdly enough, when I was at GDC in 2004. Not really that good a museum. The show was fairly neat though, and I was unhappy as I always am when things like this don't allow photography. I did a little sketching, but it was dark, and the best parts were the material qualities and light behavior, which are not best captured by me with a pencil.

I had a hard time figuring out the aim of the exhibit; it had scientific trappings, with a coating of art-gallery, but a touchy-feely style of writing with an inflection of religion at times. Chmmr made the trenchant observation that it was a concession to popularity; being cold and scientific about something this close to home could alienate essentially everyone, so it's probably a good idea to hit all the 'transcendent' notes you can. They also made sure to include some health messages, which were variably successful.

I didn't really find the exhibition successful as art; the pieces were often repetitive and even kind of trite (how many figures playing sports does one require?). A couple of them worked, though, like the trifurcated diver, the exploded man (doesn't the creator look like Joseph Beuys?), and even 'Angel' (a female figure with her back muscles pulled upward to vaguely evoke wings, and a blonde hair-do, which I thought was completely meritless and unfortunate until I noticed that the plexiglass case she was in had a perfectly circular hole cut in the top for her right hand to emerge from, very slightly. That made it work a lot better, and I have no idea if it were intentional). We didn't get to see the rider, which is a shame. Shaking up the human proportional scheme would have been welcome. (Link to the small photoset of a press person here, btw.)
I even found the lighting scheme better from the backs of the figures than from the front; the translucency of the materials was brought out, which I thought essential. Visitors were allowed to go around to the backs of things, but they didn't always do so.

An interesting thing was that people seemed very quick to assure one another that it wasn't really gross. They mostly seemed fascinated and a little weirded out, which I suppose points to success on the part of the exhibit. The most common conversational topic I overheard was the surgical procedures/medical problems of friends and relatives, and their experiences with medicine in general: 'that's what Joe had to have done,' 'remember when I had that knee thing? That's where that was.' This is the way people relate to anatomy, I gather, in the medical sense. (This is interesting to me because I relate to anatomy in more the motion and topological senses.)

A lot of people brought their school-age children, so they must have thought the educational value (variable, I'm sure) outweighed the chances of crippling nightmares. I respect the ability to get something like this touring in the US, really. It's something of a coup all by itself. I mean, they had t-shirts with photos of a couple of the cadavers on 'em. I so would have bought some in high school.
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Well, I'm up at the terrible end of the morning in the hopes that the movers will come and move our terrible possessions in their truck. I keep thinking of the shot in The Parent Trap where the camp matron opens the door of cabin Arapaho to find that the kids inside have been pranked with honey and string webbed all around and probably mud, too. The kids, in the middle of trying vainly to clean it all up, look up at the door, realise the futility of continuing, and allow the things they are carrying to slowly slip to the floor in defeat. The matron probably says something like 'well, I never.'
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Aww, I got lunk by the triloblog for my little trilobite-walk.

I also made some rocking soup. The salient bits were thus: squished-with-potato-masher butternut squash and zucchini as a base, turkey kielbasa, and a bunch of rice.

And... the new Film Comment came (I accidentally left it sitting in the mailslot all day yesterday, when I could have been READING IT), and I sold some shoes on ebay, and the weather continues to get colder, which makes me ever more happy about moving. This may invalidate me as a New Englander, but, hey. L.L.Bean stuff never fits me right anyhow (although my parents are up at the store/outlet in Kittery at this very moment).

(The title of this post is pretty silly, but it could be worse.)
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Last night as we were out walking around, some assholes in a car hurled a plastic bag containing at least two, possibly three, eggs at us. I wonder if this means that they were dividing up a dozen eggs into other bags, with the intent of egging a lot of people.
Anyhoo, I got some kinda cool egg-injuries.

This is from last night, after I washed the egg off. The impact site was all welted up.

Right hand, last night. It hurt a lot for a little while, and since my right hand already has repetitive stress problems, &c, I was a bit worried about how it would come out of this. It seems okay though, just a little tender.

Right hand, this morning. Lots better, and the impact pattern is really apparent when I close my thumb up alongside my hand.

Left arm, this morning. This is the most clear depiction of the impact. It's actually a pretty fascinating illustration. The little cuts are from bits of eggshell, obviously.

So, all in all, it could have been much worse. Neither of us got hit in the face, neither of us was badly cut or had a finger caught at a bad angle and sprained or anything. And now I guess I know what it looks like when skin is hit with an egg. You do too, I suppose.
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I'm pretty sure I already linked to a sum-up of this study, but here's another writeup. It's the study wherein it was determined that kids will work harder and do better in school if praised for effort rather than intelligence. Like probably half of the people who read this, I completely have the illustration example problem, wherein I give up really easily if a new skill doesn't jump into my waiting hands. It's not even for fear of failure anymore, it's more that I don't know how to proceed. I mean, I'm getting better at this, but it's still weird.
Regardless, I've been trying, while teaching, to follow this rule. I have no idea if it's working or anything, and I'm teaching adults, but oh well. Might be helpful, who knows.
I was somewhat annoyed at that mom the article interviewed who said that it was too goofy to talk that way. Duh, there's a reason you do it the way you do it. Culture is strong.
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I'm posting this to record that I'm putting a new brassiere into rotation, so as to see how long it takes before the elastic in the straps starts getting all nonelastic. It's the grey one, future me.

The Whedony X-Men book was pleasant, Unpleasant. I do think he benefits from actual actors (meaning: live-action), though, as without them his characters start to all sound the same kind of quickly. But still fun, and for some reason the pinup with White Queen's hands over Scott's eyes pleased me.

I now own this. LOOK at all the good stuff that seller has.

Work has made me tired. Chmmr gets to be home this weekend, though, and that is Teh Bext.

...Why do I have a tag called 'density'?

(I use this avatar (Karma) usually when I'm talking about superhero comics (usually positively; goofier stuff gets Griffy) or when I'm saying something I should be embarrassed about, and especially when they overlap. If I hadn't mentioned the X-Men, I probably would have used the Delia avatar with the expectant and somewhat put off expression right before she launches into Day-O.)
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I've noticed that when I try to draw an event that I took part in, I can only draw myself from the back. It's as if I can only pull my mental camera back about three feet. It's not like I look at myself from behind a lot or anything, I don't know what my deal is. (Actually, I suspect that my spatial abilities do not include rotating an entire scene so that another view is possible. Also, who wants to look at me, seriously.)

Icon decoding: the character's name sounds like my real name. I usually use this as a tongue-in-cheek reference to myself.
The Miss Argentina (the greeny blue lady rolling her eyes) is usually used tongue-in-cheekily in matters of beauty or gender (as she is dead, and by her own hand, too) or when a good exasperated expression is called for.
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We had a particularly awesome thanksgiving, with no stinking family and no canned waxy beans or football (even though a boy should watch it). We drove over to 343 & unpleasant's, trying our best to ignore the mysterious and unhelpful 'check engine' light, and cooked a bunch of stuff and watched a bunch of stuff and played a bunch of stuff and stayed in our pajamas all day.
Here is what my plate looked like initially.
Here are a couple of my better non-Dune-related Miis. (Here are some more. No promises about the Dune.)
And here is a Hitler mii that someone made. I made Girl Hitler, but that's different.
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Man! Physical therapy! I stand in awe of its power.
So, it turns out my posture is funny. I hold my pelvis tilted too far forward, and my back and hip joints are bearing the brunt of this. Hence my sciatica, hence my bursitis. Rock. So it seems now that I have to get used to holding my pelvis a particular way, strengthen some specific muscles, and PROFIT.
Let's hear it for MEDICAL SCIENCE!
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Goddammit! I finally, after maybe a week of weirdly painful hip muscles (visited upon me for no reason I could fathom), asked Mr. Internet. Oh. Bursitis. Gross, my horrible fluid-sacs are inflamed! So now I have to take aspirin and lie around and play Disgaea 2, because sitting up kind of hurts. I guess that is okay.
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Ha ha, oh, man, applying for jobs you have no concrete proof of aptitude for!
It is a gas.

* Spam email subject line
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[press releasey thing: reproduce at will. Send to whatever news outlets you feel like! You're free!]

Alex is an African Grey parrot that is learning to recognize various letters, can count to 7 and is working on 8, and learned the color 'grey' by looking at himself in a mirror and asking 'what color?' He's just turned 30. Irene Pepperberg (my professor last semester, and an awesome lady), who bought him from a pet store and has been studying him ever since, has just won an award for her paper on Alex's zero-like concept, which is a major coup given how hard it is to get any recognition in the animal cognitive field nowadays. The pursuit is very uncool right now; it's not techy or sexy, and lots of scientists are finding themselves with cut funding or the inability to renew grants. So, in order to help in some small way, I'm making (hand-printed) t-shirts to benefit the Alex Foundation. You can buy them here. (Apparently the site's going to be revamped soon, but not yet.)

Okay, uh. Need anything else?
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Blogging! Not always interesting.

In the past couple of weeks, I guess I have:

- broken my camera (dropped on floor)
- broken my keyboard (spilled tea on it)
- procured new camera and keyboard, wept bitter tears at expense and at crappy mushiness of keyboard
- experienced doubt about long-term employment/lifepath whatnot
- stopped caring so much
- started caring again, and spent too much time trawling craigslist for dumb positions like Photographer's Igor
- finished a painting I like okay
- been fed fancy japanese food several times by parents
- achieved a semi-pointless unpaid summer thing where I babysit famous parrots
- agreed to make t-shirts such that it is almost impossible that I will break even
- refound this site

* a line from a movie I watched on TCM, whose real name I don't know, but I mentally refer to it as 'Billy and the Divorceasaurus.'
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Oh, hi. Sunday I twisted something in my back and had to lie down a lot. It still kind of hurts, but only when my hips and shoulders aren't parallel. I can't paint, because the house is being painted on instead, and the only room in the house with enough light is wide open to painter-dudes, who might LOOK at me. So the internet.

Fortunately we have a Scissor Sisters performance here (youtube) that is clearly a surrogate for an actual Muppet Show guest spot. Apparently the puppeteers were ex-Creature-Shoppers. It is not unsweet, although as someone says in the youtube (I keep trying to type 'youtoube') comments, barnyard? I don't know why they didn't go with the giant-bird burlesque sort of theme that the Muppet Show constantly used. Although I did like the singing watermelons. And as always, I like visible puppeteers.
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So, so true [may have very minor spoilers for new Dr. Who episodes]. It reminds me of the muddled lateish episodes of the Simpsons, where plot points would be tossed in any old way and left to die, because the writers weren't sure how to continue on so late in the life of the series. The difference there being that we know the Simpsons & Associates so well that it didn't hurt so much. Although it did hurt.

Things that have happened:
- I finally, finally got all my horrible homework out the door. Remaining is my final paper for Animal Cognition, which I still haven't got an idea for (we have to devise a viable experiment that hasn't been done).
- Chmmr is back from the Elecronic Eel Expo, finally.
- I got some mice from the reptile shop.

Eh. Over and out.


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