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Hey hapless working men and nurturing/castrating ladies, check it out: I've got a trial quantity of Can-D shirts up on the ol' etsy. Anyone want one?

If you're feeling wacky, you could also consider picking up one of my textier shirts at spreadshirt. Those are a little more obtuse, but if you like the Dickian references, well, who knows. Oh, and you should look at the backs of the shirts, because they make the whole shirt worthwhile sometimes.

I also have a couple of prints I may not have talked about up in the prints section. I'm working on a couple more, but first I think I'm going to slack off a bit now that my parents have gone back home and I can stop pretending I keep a clean house and don't play video games.
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I'm thinking of making a screen with this on it, for the shirt-printing; any takers?

(Hint: Planescape Torment. Hence the appalling font.)


Mar. 12th, 2008 09:57 pm
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Holy crow you guys, I HAVE A ROCKING PRINTER.
Graydon, you want dibs on the first Goddamn Mutant Kids print? It looks snappy as hell.



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Okay, so, I was looking at nice printers, because it seems like having one is its own reward, but the extra nice giclee-level ones are even on the cheap end a thousand bucks or two and that's probably not going to happen. So I'm essentially trying to work out how fancy I can/should go here, and I'd like to use you guys as an enabler for this.

[Poll #1146634]

I should add that this includes all the vector crap I'm always posting, and whatever else.
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So, I'm confused. Did Ray's mom clap for the death of Grace Jones, or has she been put off clapping because of it? Does 'haven't clapped since' mean that before it was okay to clap and after it's not, or that nothing has been as worth clapping for as that was?
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Will all you guys be completely sick of my shit if I record and jabber about all the media I consume this year, instead of just the movies? I mean, not music, that would be horrible. But the other stuff. (television, books... youtube videos, I don't know.)
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Would any of you guys, perhaps a quilter, like two big things of upholstery samples? I got them from a furniture store a while ago; they're big rings with lots of maybe 12"x12" fabric samples of various sorts strung on with metal washers punched into each. There's probably 12"x10" contiguous usable fabric on each square. There are lots of velvety and patterny squares; definitely some interesting stuff. Any takers? I can drive to wherever to drop 'em off, so long as it's not ludicrously far.
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Hey, uh, does any of you know anyone who would like to adopt our rabbit? He's cute, but I'm plenty allergic and so he doesn't get enough attention. Driving across the country would probably be pretty horrible for most animals. Otherwise we're going to have to give him to a shelter.
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Does anyone local want some nice heirloomy tulip bulbs, that should go in the ground before it freezes? I think they're white, mostly. I'm not going to plant them here because the neighbors have a history of digging up my plants. Not that I'd see it happen, but, you know.

I also have a gooseberry bush that very much needs planting outside. This year it produced probably a quarter cup of berries, but those berries ruled.

Oh, and as regards indoor plants, I also have a smallish rosemary plant, a thing of chives, an aloe, and a two-year-old lime tree-in-progress.

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So, not that this person is still doing this, but if you were going to get a free achewood tattoo, what would you get, internet people? Please feel encouraged to look through the archive and write things regarding it in my comments, if you have no serious objections.

I am thinking of the classic What We Need More Of Is Science, although the Hr. Currywurst! logo would also be good. Or the Teodor-and-Roast-Beef on Roombas, complete with dotted line (note: I would never actually get this). Also Roast Beef's thought bubble in the last panel. Also also the second full-length Cartilage Head frame.
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[Update: askmefi got it in like four seconds. Ordering now.
Amusingly, and, true to form, I'd forgotten about the overarching romance plot where the protagonist's girlfriend joins the parasite club. Goes to show.]

Um, hey, internet, does any of you remember a short(?) scifi story wherein:

A guy moves to a planet for some reason, and finds that almost everyone there is unusually happy, and is host to a reddish jellylike parasite. It can be a tiny mole-sized dot, or a big drapey amoebic blob of semitransparent stuff that covers large parts of the person's body, and dissolves it slowly. The guy is grossed out by this, but is told by everyone who has the parasites that they feel great because the parasites pump euphoria chemicals into them, or maybe it's just that they make the people feel connected to everyone else with the parasite. The parasites have probably made some sort of psychic link with the other parasites, and the humans get to share in this? Maybe this isn't true. I can't exactly remember the draw.
The guy eventually goes to a cave outside of town which is where people go to die, when they're mostly consumed by their parasite, and inside is this gigantic seething mass of red ooze with bones visible inside it. The people are not alarmed by this because the parasite absorbs them and their consciousness somehow continues inside it, so they have contact with everyone else it has absorbed. They regard this as some kind of concrete afterlife, and the guy also eventually comes to regard this as a good bet in terms of immortality.
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Who wants a shirt? Ten bucks! (The ink is silver, even though it looks white.)

He is called a TubeChomp.
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Hey, does any of you in the Boston area have the wherewithal to teach a basic Flash course, or know someone who could? It would be during the day for two weeks starting Feb 20 or Feb 26.
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Would a guy who is purportedly 5'10" and 210 lbs be an XL in terms of t-shirts?
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Hey, internet! Especially kibologists! Look what I took pictures of yesterday!
(If you don't feel like looking at relatively irrelevant pictures, this one is probably the most salient.)

The latter half of the process will be up on 343's flickr in a coupla weeks, I guess. I'll point to it then.
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This is sort of weird: I was just eating some corn chips with flaxseeds in them, and I noticed after a while of eating them in front of my monitor that the seeds generally seemed to align their long axes in the same direction. See? Isn't that odd? I can't think how the seeds could be deployed in a way that would keep them directionally uniform, or how cornmeal could have a property that would hold them there.
Anyone know?
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So there is this site, by the same people who are responsible for Threadless, only this one is for non-tshirt textiles and wallpaper. My enjoyment of this idea outstrips my ability to participate, but I tried anyhow:

I have another one (better, really) in the pipeline (there is some kind of rudimentary vetting process, presumably to screen out the goatses and such), because I don't like having something so halfassed as my only representation. You could, however, sign up and vote for my crappy crap, as with a threadless design. Only worse.

The general site tone seems to be pretty non-weird, or else I'd've done something already with those beetles I made.

Patterns are sort of difficult. You all should give it a go.
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Who's taken a GRE recently? Feep? Noah?
How is it? Do the free prep materials suck?
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Hey, internet: do you think that in this strip, the whales' dismissal of the humpback's idea has anything to do with the fact that whales did, in fact, already do what he's suggesting (and subsequently returned to the water)? Or do you think it's just a simple stupid-idea-reaction gag? I think there's no sign of a nod to whales' origins; I think at best the strip's meant to make the whales appear contemptuous of land creatures.
(I think this because of the forced 'learned' tone of the one whale vs. the withering reply of the one who's meant to be cooler, and therefore more in tune with whale culture. I guess.)

Also: I need a term for that device that's goddamn everywhere now, where a character puts something forth, with enough emotion to convey that he's invested in this idea, only to have a long silence in response, or a 'shut (the fuck) up, Donny' sort of thing. Actually, there we go. Shut up, Donny. Thank you, Coens.


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