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Hey, internet clothing purveyor!
I don't think teratoma means what you think it means!
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(Inspired (via chmmr) by the top half of this)
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I made this this weekend, instead of doing normal things. Original can be seen on the same page as the other one, only scroll down a little.

For Nick

Feb. 27th, 2008 04:48 pm
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(The original looks like this.)
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Okay, I am happy now. This song is the reason. Enjoy some Dokaka-oid Carmen stylings.
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You know, this is a perfect response to postsecret, which is so soundbite-heavy and stylistically codified that it may as well have already gone this far.


Aug. 10th, 2007 06:57 pm
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The best animated thing I have seen in days, next to the stuff spatchel linked.
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I cannot be the only one who parsed this headline as 'child-eating disorders' rather than 'child (eating disorders)'.
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343 sent over this: I Am Baby Cakes. It's a brilliant little semi-animated thing by the always badass Brad Neely (Wizard People, Dear Reader). Part 2 is over here on Cracked.com apparently. It is also good. Oh, and here is three, which is slightly less good but still worth it. If any of you can work out how to gank the actual files, I would be HIGHLY PSYCHED.

(This avatar I usually use when I am being celebratory, due to Barbara's fingers' similarity to a birthday cake. It is, along with the elephant shrew, one of the unequivocally happy avatars.)
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Okay guys, you need to go look at this page rite now.
Sadly it's all photoshoppery (as opposed to appalling amounts of makeuppery and costumery), but still heck of enjoyable.
Some of 'em are click-through storylines or something (like Doraemon), so don't neglect to try to click. Also the Pokemon one is one of the awesomer ones.
Oh, and look, a process page! Complete with awesome dragon page divider thingies!

(from Mari)
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Who's seen Pan's Labyrinth?
Go here and tell me what the top thing reminds you of.

(No spoilers, in case you're curious or something.)
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Hey, internet! Especially kibologists! Look what I took pictures of yesterday!
(If you don't feel like looking at relatively irrelevant pictures, this one is probably the most salient.)

The latter half of the process will be up on 343's flickr in a coupla weeks, I guess. I'll point to it then.


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