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Uh, seriously, what's the point of this crap? You got three people to record the media they consume for a week, and that's it? No analysis, no larger sample size? What the hell.
I could get better information on freaking myspace. Thank you so much, fruity New York publication.

(link from n0wak)
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Sometime last week, someone in one of my classes brought in Cars, the newish Pixar movie. So I put it on, for us to look at while they worked and while I went around to help people out. My students seemed to generally think it was cute, but my constant complaints of 'What the crap was that?!' and 'Are we supposed to think this is funny?' and 'Who came up with this premise, a four-year-old?' and 'What makes the tractors non-sentient?' eventually started to crack their complacent exteriors.
'Maybe,' one of them posited, in an effort to resolve the lack of coherent worldbuilding, 'all humans were transformed into cars. They just turned into whatever car they were most like.' I agreed that this was possible, but then what about the inanimate cars that already existed? No one was willing to go any further with it. I sort of didn't blame them, since it was making me unreasonably angry, but I let it go.

So yesterday, I forced this movie on chmmr and unpleasant and 343. The time had come for Deep Hurting.

We all agreed that it was appallingly bad. I think the best thing about it was the great-looking environments, in which I see Steve Purcell's hand pretty strongly. Nice lighting, nice production design, nice-looking dust and FX.

Everything else worked much less well. The characters were amazingly flat (to the point of some scary stereotypes: the one (stereotyped) black character was married to the one (stereotyped, voiced by Cheech Marin) hispanic character. What is this, Plato's Stepchildren?), and too numerous. There was some love interest no one could possibly care about, and some older mentor figure who never actually did much, and a bunch of other tertiary characters that sat around being 'colorful' (alarmingly stereotypical). Oh, and The Hick. Sigh.

The protagonist's character arc proceeded from Unmotivatedly Jerkfaced Arrogant Car to Car who has LEARNED THE MEANING OF FRIENDSHIP. He seemed to make this change for no real reason; he just sort of eventually developed Stockholm Syndrome or something (originally he was being held forcibly in a run-down town because he did some damage to it). One moment he's being rude to all the cardboard cutouts of townspeople-characters, and the next he's all, heyy, Love Interest! Lemme just flip my switch from 'asshole' to 'awkward!' And you're my friend now, Hick! Even though I never really seem to actually warm up to you, and in fact seem uncomfortable around you most of the time! Aww, it's a treat for all ages.

Really though, the thing that just made me quiver with rage is the universe-building. Okay, we've got a human-free universe, populated instead by cars. The very first thing I wonder about, when hearing such a thing, is okay, how did this come about? [answer: No idea.] How do the cars, not exactly known for their dexterity, manipulate the objects around them? [answer: they don't, unless specially equipped. Once I saw a car use its antenna, which is a pretty serious hack.] What are cars doing with human accoutrements like desks, flowerpots, and flagpoles? Did they build them? How? [answer: uhh...] Why are there farms? Who or what is food being grown for? The cow-painted tractors, which are supposed to be essentially animals (but whose faces are not significantly different from the sentient cars), who owns them? Why is farm machinery less 'human' than road vehicles? [answer: AAGH] I think that there is still something about ever-racheting-up fidelity that demands more thought than the alternative. If there'd been vagueness in the realisation visually, maybe I would have been more forgiving. But I don't think you can have perfectly rendered dust and grime and just expect people to not to have their expectations raised for a cohesive world. I mean, maybe I'm the only one who looked at the car-shaped land formations and said, 'what the heck? Were those created? Is this just some sort of unsettling coincidence?' and I'm reasonably sure I'm in a small group with people who asked 'was this planet seeded with/by car-shaped aliens, eradicating all human life in the process?'

Sincerely, it's like a four-year-old's version of a fairy tale. Once upon a time, there was a place where there weren't any people, just cars. And the cars drove around a lot, and they drank gas, and when they broke they would repair one another. Okay, I'm bored, let's go play with legos.

In the supplemental material on the DVD, Lasseter said that he made this movie for his young children, whom he'd neglected while working on the Toy Stories. They liked cars, he liked cars, and he totally wanted to do this for them. And he did, and somehow he got everyone to go along with this.
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"Watching Clerks 2 is like watching a 6-year-old girl who is dressed like a fairy princess throw up for two hours. She is throwing up on her favorite teddy bear, and you can't do anything about it."

Oh, Mr. Rowland, why you gotta be so awesome?
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Boy, it sure is great that Cartoon Network's programming is branching out to include such 'live-action' gems as Cats & Dogs. I really appreciate the thought and strategy behind the backing of one of 2001's finest films. I mean, even the movie's website is just glowing with skill and dignity.

First good Pet Sematary joke wins the prize. This is making me pine for Riddick.
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We had a particularly awesome thanksgiving, with no stinking family and no canned waxy beans or football (even though a boy should watch it). We drove over to 343 & unpleasant's, trying our best to ignore the mysterious and unhelpful 'check engine' light, and cooked a bunch of stuff and watched a bunch of stuff and played a bunch of stuff and stayed in our pajamas all day.
Here is what my plate looked like initially.
Here are a couple of my better non-Dune-related Miis. (Here are some more. No promises about the Dune.)
And here is a Hitler mii that someone made. I made Girl Hitler, but that's different.
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Schwa linked to a freely-available extra-long clip of Scanner Darkly (the first 24 minutes, including don't-copy message fore and aft). So of course I had to sit through it. I don't really see a lot of promise, esp given nick's capsule review. At the very end of the 24 minutes it was sort of getting snappy, but before that the pacing was sort of a mess, and the visual effect was, as I predicted, transparent (except for the suit, which was not working well for me). Also, did Keanu disappear at the end? I don't want to watch it again to check.

Here, to make you hate me, is my degenerative process, time-stamped for your convenience.

I guess I will cut. )

Why not go look at the Big Snit instead. It's like, the golden epitome of the Canada Film Board.
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Oh, gamer demographic. We have you SO FIGURED OUT. What? All the ingredients are there, aren't they? Dude, just buy the product. It is aimed at you. We did research. (From here.)

I almost kind of like the cynicism implied in the 'assembly line' concept, but I somehow don't quite think it's the fun kind of cynicism. I think it is the contemptuous kind.
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My brother was the lucky recipient of the jacket I found on ebay that was worn by some filthy extra in Battlefield Earth (ten bucks american). He says:
I tried the jacket on while still smelling of Psychlos... ewww. At first I thought I had it on inside out, but unfortunately, that's the way it was made. I couldn't find out who wore it, probably in a dark upside down scene. Thanks though.
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Thanks to the prodding of 343, I hunted up this wayback machined version of mari-chan's site, back when she solicited names for her characters. This shit is a goldmine for terrordada, although all my favorites are from a couple of years before. Okay, maybe a goldmine in the sense that good stuff is really few and far between, but occasionally something worth the effort comes up. A really crappy goldmine, with so many references to bodily functions they're all over you screen.
NSFW, if people can read over your shoulder. So many swears.
There're some pictures archived in the earlier pages, so you can see what's being talked about, but it's not so important.

Okay, you know what, I'll just paste all the good ones in here. All unaltered from the original.
I've done the scanning FOR you. )
See what I mean? It's surprising how creative the collective internet can be, sometimes. Albeit insane and kind of stupid.
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Brrrring, brrrring, this is the burn ward! We're calling to tell you that the unpleasant-looking Wayans cartoon admitted earlier today is stable, but its burns are quite serious.

Quote from the article lunk from cartoonbrew:
the Wayans brothers most-recent film project, "White Chicks," featured co-writers Shawn and Marlon as race-swapping, cross-dressing FBI agents.

Oh Wayanses. Please stop making movies that only idiots and my dad find amusing. And even then who knows why, really.

The Mooch

Mar. 3rd, 2006 09:14 pm
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Okay, that cake episode was entertaining in an obtuse way, but this one, The Block, is actually really awesome. The next two episodes really fall off, but for the length of the first one, it's a complete little bit of rock.

I forget if I lunk this song late in the day or not. If not, ignore away.

Hey, and, I don't know how many of you do lastfm tracking, but there's a new feature that tracks album listening.

And finally, surprisingly cool choice regarding elephants in captivity.
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Hey, if you're not doing anything much, why not look at this amusing little short which has more than a little Strangers With Candy influence, and a chocolate cake puppet? .mov link.

And because I feel like it, an entertaining K-pop song from probably 1999: Clon's 'Cho ryun', and the song that I was just listening to and I love a lot, Frank Black's 'Bullet'.

And also here's a good cover of Alizee's 'Moi... Lolita'. The original's pretty good too, but this one has MC Solaar.
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These guys, Flight of the Conchords, are vastly amusing. See especially their Hiphopopotamus song, which is high-larious. 'Humans are Dead' is amusing, but it's a live recording and difficult to make out.
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Unpleasant, another one for the pile: Nicholas Cage IS Ghostrider.
LOOK at this. I have no words.

First one with Beavis image macro wins.

(Addendum: Okay, this is worse.)


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