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Holy crow you guys, I HAVE A ROCKING PRINTER.
Graydon, you want dibs on the first Goddamn Mutant Kids print? It looks snappy as hell.



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ONE. Someone capped Marie Antoinette so as to exclude all the actors. This was a great choice, because it emphasized the decent shooting, fancy set dressing and costuming, rather than the horrifying... most other things (also it's something I want to do with most movies). There are some great disses in the comments:

i think sofia coppola's personal life often overshadows her movie making "abilities"

The movie was SO gorgeous, if nothing else. (I personally think that although a lot of people did their jobs well, the editing ruined a lot of it for me. Ignoring the script.)

but really - how many more times do we have to hear sofia coppola tell us that spoiled, wealthy and privileged white girls are sooo bored and unhappy? if she actually made a film about someone other than herself, i'd be mildly amazed.

TWO. The new Fire Emblem has IN-BATTLE SAVES. This will make it playable. My cup runneth over. If only they had kept the art 2d.
(I do rather resent the idea that I am not hardcore because of my lack of desire to replay missions potentially endlessly. Especially when battles in said missions can hinge on a dice roll quite easily.)
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As noted by uncharacteristically helpful youtub commenters, Sas[c]ha is usually a boy's name in Russia and eastern Europe. It would make my fucking day if Heavy was as gay as a Pokéball.

Ebert is awfully sure about this. (Not games-related, dudes.)

Good heavens, look at all those gay gay paperbacks.

Noah sent me this, which is a list of gay superheroes and their fates. Kind of alarming.

...Attractive Lad? Good golly.
(Huh, Ultrahumanite? Who knew. Also, WHY IS WONDER WOMAN NEVER GAY WHAT THE HELL)
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My heart is a BEE HOUSE, you guys!

(Just in case you hadn't had your polka RDA today.)
Many, many more old german songs, weighted toward the non-polka, (from the 20s up through the 50s) available here.
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The best metatalk thread (about transporters); the best Todd Alcott post (about how Darth Vader is totally gay for Boba Fett); the best new Ang Lee trailer (WW2 Shanghai); the best dinosaur skull cast collection, the best Transformersthemovie post.
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Hey, check out this manga, which is rather nsfw but which does this tee-riffic structural thing with placing panels on sides of 3d structures. The people and things inside the panels are cut off at the edges, and melded into one another where they meet in the center. It's really a fun concept.

Yotsuba 4 is also out, guys!
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Once again the internet totally validates its existence.

(I found this linked from an LJ community about Sherlock Holmes slash. IT'S A FACT.)
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I just reread Galactic Pot Healer (it'd been... uh, since college?) and unlike the somewhat unsympathetic reviewer at PKDfans (trying to find an inspiring message in a PKD book? Are you quite serious?) found it rather unusually accessible and generally pretty terrific and fun. The thing that it made me want to do, though, was to take the community college ceramics course I was meaning to take (is it too late to sign up? I guess not!) and make the Public Service Announcement pot the protagonist encounters. (This pot is found as an artifact underwater, but it shows in sequential panels the protagonist's actions. The last panel has an explicit written warning in a speech bubble or something - which may end up too long to actually fit on the pot and which I might just skip - and also a little note at the bottom reading 'This has been a public-service message.' [metaparenthetical note: when I just now went to check the exact wording of the message, I opened the book immediately to the right page. This is the most PKDian thing that has happened to me in recent memory, which means I totally should sign up for the ceramics course. That and also the empire never ended, and I should keep an eye out for hot 70s teenage girls who will tell me what to do via complex symbols.])

The pot was awful.
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It is sometimes said [...] that patients with Parkinson's disease have a "reptilian" stare. This is not just a picturesque (or pejorative) metaphor; normal access to the motor functions, which give mammals their delicate motor flexibility, is impaired in parkinsonism; this leads to alternations of extreme immobility with sudden, almost explosive motion, which are reminiscent of some reptiles.

(Oliver Sacks, The Island of the Colorblind)
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Chmmr found this page: The Religious Affiliations of Comic Book Characters. It's pretty entertaining, not least because of the Baby-Cakes-like Superman, and the Lex-Luthor-like J. Jonah Jameson entry: 'Hates Spiderman.' Rock.
Loads of Catholics. Hardly any Hindus. Total cop-out with the Red Skull though.


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