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I had a much better run when I checked my wikipedia searches today than last time:

David Bowie
Elephant Shrew
List of Resident Evil 4 Creatures
(I was looking for this guy, my favorite monster in the game. We call him Jitters. I think my actual search was just 'resident evil 4')
Lieutenant Frank Drebin
(a guy in the new MGS4 trailer thing is called Drebin. This cracked me up.)

Now THAT is reflective.
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Because schwa likes to hurt me, probably in retaliation for the omurice clip, he has memed me in the back of the head. However, refusing would be wrong. Haw!
List 3 of your most favourite (and preferably obscure) software programs and why they're useful.

Honestly? I have no idea what people use. Obscurity is probably not going to be way up there on this list.

1. Litestep. I don't like the windows shell very much, so I use this instead. It's very customizable, although I haven't made a new theme in years, really. My current desktop is essentially just a systray and a program bar, perpendicular to one another, with only 16x16 icons visible (and Rainlendar). Most of my program opening and winamp controlling is done with hotkeys. Also I still run win2k. Yep.

2. Soulseek. The program with the awful url. I was introduced to this one back at Blue Fang. Not for quick downloads, really, but good for finding weird things like Cal Stewart tracks and foreign things not available in the US. You can also see the bitrate of any given mp3 that's shared. Soulseek is what made me change my music directory structure to more closely resemble what most people have now: Artist/Album/Songs (which I think was inherited from itunes, but it's still pretty good).

3. Exact Audio Copy. Very good CD ripper, works even on scratchy CDs. JP gave me this back in the day.

4. Ooh, ooh, one more. I just remembered 3d color changer, which gives you access to the shadow and highlight colors on windows easily. It's how I do all my superflat color schemes, which probably most of you don't know or care about. Oh well!

I won't be tagging people, but you're welcome to be all HAY LOOK AT MY AWESOME PROGRAMZEZ. You can even do it here, I guess.
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Via swinehund and madeofmeat comes a meme that will echo through the ages.
(Chmmr is working and I am taking a break from drawing Mr. Sinister.)

-MP3s on random.
-First couple of lines from each of the first twenty songs with lyrics that come up.
-Guess the song, try not to google.
Pray that what you lack does not distract )

I skipped over all songs not in english (no german or french ones came up; a couple of Pillows songs came up but I made the possibly condescending decision to leave them out due to the almost-no-one on my friendlist who has any japanese, let alone knows Pillows lyrics. I wouldn't know them if I saw them, that's for sure). I also skipped over all mashups (since lyrics can easily be from more than one song and thus become impossible to guess). Oh, and I cut-'n-replaced 'Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah', since, uh, that's the title. These rules made me have to fish for a while, but I think most of these are gettable.
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I'm rather incapacitated by cramps today, but am still capable of listening to music and typing (I am also hitting the tea pretty hard). So attempt to enjoy this musicmeme, via a certain Velocipede.

Yes, another. )
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I made this valentine by accident!

Actually it's not much of a valentine. This is just as well.

[Edit: Okay, now we have intentionality. See, sometimes you see the frill on ceratopsids depicted as having eyespots.]
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From mmcirvin, and the tensor, and madeofmeat, and doctroid.

Teh Bookmeme! )
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I just realised that a couple of folders of old emails didn't make it over from Bee House, and so when I remedied this I happened upon this email-survey from 2001 that a friend of mine sent me. Some of the info is out of date, but it's pretty amusing, so who cares. I used to put so much effort into things like this. I even edited the intro. I like to think that at least some of the world got spammed with my version.
Flippancy follows! )
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Musicmemery from nidrian, please to enjoy.

L is for Lassitude, and that will suffice for myself. Bands chosen from the extreme beginning and end of the alphabet, just for perversity's sake.

Amadou & Marian - La Realite
The Aquabats - Look At Me I'm A Winner!
Amoebic Ensemble - Limbic Rage
Warren Zevon - Lawyers Guns and Money
Yellow Magic Orchestra - La Femme Chinoise

I guess you can ask me for a letter. I probably have one.
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Okay, here's the quotes that no one got. Admittedly, they're horrible.

01. Tromeo and Juliet. Murray Martini is the name of the Mercutio analog, for some reason. Tromeo and Juliet is the only actually good movie Troma ever made, in my opinion. Everything else requires some level of teeth-gritting or bad-movie disbelief-suspension (er... this does too), whereas T&J is still Troma-riffic (cudgel shaped like Hitler's head, tattoo needle jammed into eye, naked girls, penis puppet) but intelligible and snappily written. As 343 informed me, the main writer (James Gunn) wrote Slither and the Specials, which had a certain level of writerly, uh, goodness. Anyhow, it's a cheesy movie, and you'll cringe at probably multiple scenes if you ever see it, but I like it.

10. Dellamorte Dellamore (Cemetery Man). I haven't seen this in probably eight or nine years, but I remember it being pretty excellent. It's really the only zombie movie I care about, as I was just telling Optic, with the possible exception of Shaun of the Dead. Rupert Everett is great and inspired the look of the protagonist in Dylan Dog, an awesome italian detective supernatural comic. There is some amount of collegey film-wankery, and it's possible you won't like the ending, but I think it's worth it. Download if you don't want to buy outright, and see.

13. I changed this to The Parent Trap, perhaps to no avail. Originally it was Kuch Khatti, Kuch Meethi (a little sour, a little sweet). It's a hindi remake of the Parent Trap, and a pretty good example of the genre. The line I had (with the all men are dumbos) was said to the guy the evil stepmother was trying to marry off one of the daughters to. It's great, believe me. The estranged mother leaves (and takes one of the set of twin daughters with her) because her husband slaps her. When she gets back together with him, at the end of the movie, she does so because HE SLAPPED HER AGAIN. It's like a toggle switch.
Parent Trap proper is an awesome movie with Hayley Mills, who is my mom's favorite actress probably. It's one of those movies that formed some of the background of my childhood (we had the tv edit (for length, not content, duh) on vhs). People's attitudes toward things were really weird in the 60s.
The line I picked was said by the evil attempting-to-become-stepmother Vicky, who was bored on a camping trip with the twins and their dad. I also like the original That Darn Cat, thank you very much, I'll be here all week.

16. The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai. The line I used was chosen over "Doomed is your soul and damned is your life" because I thought it'd be harder, and, uh, it was. Once (last semester, really) I was talking to a teacher of mine while wearing a jacket I'd ironed a Banzai Institute patch onto. He asked me what it was, and I had to sum up BB, which was a challenge. I said that it was about a guy who was a sort of caricatured renaissance man, a surgeon, rock star, race car driver, inventor, and martial-arts-of-some-kind expert. He had to save the world from the bad guys, essentially. The teacher said, well, is he your role model? At the time I was taking the animal cognition class from Irene Pepperberg, and the teacher I was talking to had been teaching me typography. I had been telling him I was thinking of taking a programming course, too, I think. So I had to agree, even though it'd never occurred to me before.

* The sender field of my morning spam
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Okay, fine, I'm doing the movie meme. FINE!
All of the lines involve insulting someone in some way, because I felt like livening it up.
There's a range from really fukken easy to horrible. I held to only english lines, because of the variance between translation and re-dubbing that can occur. There are, um, two foreign films in there but both lines happen to be in english. (Okay, I worked out the one foreign one was too hard, so I replaced it with a quote from the American film it was a remake of.)
Guess away. I'll cross out the ones you get.
Okay, cut )

01. Pretty bad unless you're one of probably four people I know.
02. Not so bad.
03. Easy line in medium-hard movie.
04. Pretty easy. Especially considering that this is me.
05. Pretty easy.
06. Feepness will get this first.
07. Jeremy or maybe 343 will get this. Or a kibologist.
08. Not so hard, but not a really standout line, so maybe a little worse.
09. Unpleasant or 343 will get this, or maybe someone else who also is cool.
10. This one is hard. Get it, someone! I actually had to snag this line off of imdb because I couldn't find my dvd of this.
11. This is probably hard. People don't usually watch this movie.
12. Not very challenging.
13. This is the worst one. Probably only my sister would get this, and she's not big on livejournal.
14. You can get this!
15. Not so bad, but not really an oft-quoted line.
16. I have confidence the nerds can get this one.
17. This one's probably in reach of many people as well.


May. 15th, 2006 04:44 pm
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Time again for meaningless internet toys! The accuracy of the syllable count is not so good, but the heart, the heart is there.

Mine )

Anti-cyclone )

Sevencubed )

Unpleasant )

Chmmr )


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