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No one's using the lastfm grapher site right now, and it seems to throw up a lot fewer hangs and broken files. Why not graph some musical habits?
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In case anyone other than me cares, I just got mediamonkey (free music player, heavy on tagging) working with the lastfm winamp plugin, using these steps. Apparently you can also use the newer lastfm player-thing with it, as mentioned here. I will probably end up using that method when this one craps out eventually. (Oh, and I've broken down and am using the dumb 'media keys' on my keyboard instead of my customary [win+function key] global hotkeys, although I am not yet used to it and sometimes the functionality is weird. ALTHOUGH the internets say that hotkeyz works. I'm just not that desperate for my key combos, I don't think, since they were a little messy.)

I am still just trying out mediamonkey, but it seems nice so far. Should do until amarok has a proper stable release, at least. Even though it's all monkeyed up, and has some weird ideas about how file organization should be supported. (You don't NEED a generated 'all' folder if the folder you've selected contains all the others. For pete's sake.)
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New Brad Sucks album is out here (actual download/buying here). The title track sounds like he's going to launch into 'Kooks' but, hey, that is not bad. I enjoy the dude's voice; something about the low drone he does is right up my alley.
I also appreciate the site structure, which supports just downloading the album, deciding you like it, and then donating some money in gratitude (rather than downloading it and being forced to redownload when buying the album properly).
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Hellraiser (1987), Clive Barker. June 14, 10pm. View count: between six and ten? I used to watch this in high school.
Hellraiser II: Hellbound (1988), Tony Randel. June 15, 10pm. View count: similar to Hellraiser I?

In high school, these were a couple of our favorite movies (along with The Abominable Dr. Phibes, A Clockwork Orange, and whatever the hell else we watched all the time). They don't exactly hold up as shining examples of the medium, but it's nice to be able to say that (all skeletal dragons aside) the first one is not bad. To me it feels like some of Clive Barker's body horror leaks through into the movie, and I respect the idea of pretty much everyone in a horror movie being a small-scale grotesque (Julia's too-white makeup, Andrew Robinson's incessant sweatiness, Frank's everything). The characters are all pretty broad, but they do have definable arcs. This is a movie that starts from no-horror (except the generalized british humanity kind) and ramps up to significant horror. (This escalation (at least) surpasses the second one, which starts in second gear, lurches into third or a listless fourth, and just kind of sits there.) The effects are up and down, but the Frank-reconstitution scenes especially are clever and inventively gooky. (On the bad side, this time I noticed the little cart that the Engineer was mounted on. Hoo boy.)

The second one is worse, but more gory. The good parts are not many, really, but Dr Channard chewing the scenery (and being chewed by it) is usually good for a laugh. However, all the rules that held true (or seemed to) in the first movie are not necessarily in play in the second, so if you're, you know, me, and you care about the rules of the Hellraiser universe, you will be annoyed with this movie. And probably all of the subsequent ones, but, hey, who isn't. This one is significantly more brain-dead horror than the first one, which is a shame. And if anything, the effects are worse, although there is a second skinless-suit. There is also a girl named Tiffany (1988, everybody) who looks like a thirteen-year-old female Brad Pitt, if you can imagine that. All of the characters are flattened out, though, into normal horror tropes (except for maybe Pinhead?), and it's really barely worth sitting through as a result. Hellraiser III, however, is SO much worse than II that I'm going to watch it again soon to see if it wraps back around to hilarious. All I can really remember about it is that there is a cenobite that spits CDs (in a deadly fashion, I assure you), and that we thought it was a travesty in high school. WE'LL SEE!

BONUS! The Hellraiser Song, by Entombed, with liberal samples from Hellraiser I!


May. 9th, 2008 02:09 pm
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This is a cute little Futurama-ful mashup, which thankfully only does the one verse in the cut-up style. Also reminds one of osymyso's Spaced menu track 'Hello', for obvious reasons.
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A Thing: New Venture Bros: June 1. Also, toys? But blind-box toys, oh fie.

Another Thing: High-res Wanderlust video. Yay. I am finding myself missing Björk's more harmonic work, though.

A Third Thing: I like how such a large proportion of comments on del.icio.us entries for that japanese flash attentional mouse-following girl-thing mention how creepy it is.
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I never realized that the protagonist of at least Johnny Cash's version of 'Cocaine Blues' is named Billy Lee. This really made me want to do a video for it with footage from Naked Lunch (what is it with me and Peter Weller lately?), although I don't think there's enough there to sustain it. After the William Tell act, there's, uh... I don't know. If I could cg up a jury box full of Mugwumps, I would. Oh, I would.

(Also I'm pleased to note that Naked Lunch appears to be the only keyword hit for 'Talking Anus'. All's right with the world.)
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I was surfing j-pop videos on lastfm just now, trying to pull something good out of an old colleague's questionable taste, when I ran across this video ('Highway') which just happened to star the middle brother from Lunch Queen.
I mean, the song is nothing to get excited about, but still, I was amused.
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Say, I haven't posted my favorite osymyso song in a while! Possibly ever!
(He has many other good songs, too. I especially enjoy Bebadee and Clonque Rock, not available in the archives (I guess I will put them up maybe?), but Intro-Inspection and -Expansion are, and those are great.)
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Okay, I am happy now. This song is the reason. Enjoy some Dokaka-oid Carmen stylings.
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Talkies ruin everything.
From the nice men who brought us that wonderful rendition of 'Barney Google.'
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My heart is a BEE HOUSE, you guys!

(Just in case you hadn't had your polka RDA today.)
Many, many more old german songs, weighted toward the non-polka, (from the 20s up through the 50s) available here.
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Some stuff on the internet:

Debbie Harry is putting out a new album. Her voice has changed some, but in sort of a rougher, more interesting way (apart from the fact that it sounds almost like two different vocalists on the track linked). I don't know if I quite approve of the effects, but the song is fairly nice. If you listen to it, spot the part where I expect it to segue into 'Cish Cash.'

Women as carriers of autism. The incidence of autism is three times higher in men, apparently. Good for autism researchers for managing to generate some public awareness and therefore funds for research, of late.

A band that consists of two sisters whose parents seem to have named them after two of Tom Baker's companions. The song whose video is on that page is pretty catchy, as well.

Total burn on the typographical redesign of a dutch newspaper. Good fonts misused in annoying ways.

Useful post by tongodeon about hansei (sort of 'reflective consideration for others, only more active').

Writeup of the case of the fellow with very little brain matter, which probably everyone has already seen, but it's fairly neato.
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I did this again, although I rearranged the topics some. Oh, and I only wrote the interpretations in order; I didn't go back to the previous plot points to try to make them fit better. Maybe I should have. Anyhoo, the procedure remains: mp3s on random, assign what comes to these topics. If a song is completely dumb or wrong, exclude it. Feel free to give this one a go, if you're sort of not feeling terribly productive, as I am.

Opening Credits: Minor Threat - (I'm Not Your) Steppin' Stone
(oh noes, the tone is set! Truly, harsh realities are the name of the game.)

Protagonist Introduction Sequence: Dick Hyman - Palm Leaf Rag
(Sweet, the protagonist is a silent film star!)

Antagonist Introduction Sequence: Huun-Huur-Tu - Chiraa-Khoor
(And the antagonist has spent time in the Peruvian mountains, learning to throat-sing.)

Conflict Setup: YMO - Taiso
(the conflict is about... calisthenics? No, clearly it's an authoritarian mind-controlling society that must be smashed.)

Character Development Interlude: Warren Zevon - Detox Mansion
(Excellent, the authoritarian setting is revealed to be a rehab center. Presumably both main characters have checked in.)

Color: Amsterdam Klezmer Band - Coceck
(As good a song as any for a Doing Stuff montage. I imagine this being daily life in the rehab center. Lots of card-playing and television.)

Fight Sequence: Pixies - Isla de Encanta
(As good a song as any for a fight scene. Maybe Antagonist made fun of Protagonist's pantomimey ways.)

Antagonist's Exposition: White Hassle - Star Position
(Aww, Antagonist is lonely.)

Protagonist's Secret Shame: Damon Albarn & Michael Nyman - Boyd's Journey
(OMG, Protagonist is a SECRET CANNIBAL. I need to make this movie.)

Will They Ever Be Friends? Lenlow - Hidden Howling Bird
(Since this is a mashup, I'm going to take this as a yes. Maybe the protagonist and antagonist will get together and smash their terrible substance-free nightmare.)

Getting Things Done Montage: Pizzicato Five - Let's Spend the Night Together
(Whoa, I think the protagonist and antagonist hit it off really well.)

The Payoff: Medeski, Martin & Wood - Off The Table
(This sounds like a daring nighttime raid of some sort. Maybe they're destroying their records, or stealing all the methadone or something, in preparation for escape.)

Last-Minute Plot Twist: Plus-Tech Squeeze Box - Channel No. 17
(I'm thinking that they can't stand to leave the clinic because they will miss the Special Show or something. Can they make it to the outside?)

Wrap-up: David Wrench - World War IV
(The decision has been made: stay, but have a lot of sex before they are discovered to have done whatever it was they did before. *)

End Credits: Scott Solter plays Pattern Is Movement - In Tape Grass
(The credits play over dolly shots through the clinic's hallways, which are empty. Except at the very end, the very last room is entered, and the leads are sitting on a bed inside, holding hands.)

Download the mix!

* This song for some reason really makes me want to animate a video for it that's about Philip K Dick's various story-universes. I've storyboarded about half of it, but it's arguable that for it to really work like I want it to, it would have to be stop motion puppetry.)
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Here's a song, by the way, for the Terrible Transformation of Roast Beefy Weefs.

[Later edit: it occurs to me that probably my favorite part of the HP movie was toward the beginning, when, under a scene of schoolmates saying that Harry sucks and stuff, and generally disbelieving in his awesome destiny while sort of wanting to beat his face in, 'Boys Will Be Boys' was playing. Oh, it was really a nice, dark little touch.]
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I got hit by [livejournal.com profile] schwa242's flying meme, so enjoy my current earworms.
List 7 songs you are into right now. Then tag 7 other meatbags to see what they are listening to.

1. Rufus Wainwright - Go or Go Ahead (It's heck of long, but it does get pretty rockin'. Eventually.)
2. Hirasawa Susumu - Paranoia Agent opening theme (A seriously awesome soundtrack. We blew through the series this past weekend and are now participators in the OST's reproductive strategy.)
3. Hirasawa Susumu - Jouken Douji (This was used only in small fragments in the anime itself, but the whole piece, unlike many soundtrack songs, is MUCH BETTER.)
4. The Combos are Trap Balls (343 hooked us up with this youtube gem and it's so lovable that I ripped the soundtrack.)
5. Devo - Head Like a Hole (There's some song in the Vampire: The Masquerade game that reminds me of this version of the song, and so it's in and out of my head too.)
6. NIN - Capital G (Strangely pleasant NIN song! I'm usually really ambivalent about them, but every now and then.)
7. Leyode - Isabelle (I just got this off of some mp3 blog and I am not half enjoying it.)

I will pass this on to [livejournal.com profile] unpleasant, [livejournal.com profile] sweinhund, [livejournal.com profile] malconstant, [livejournal.com profile] campster [livejournal.com profile] diaryarena, [livejournal.com profile] eideteker and [livejournal.com profile] madeofmeat. Why? Because I am dumb and I like other people's music. Now you are infected. Go in pestilence.
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I have been hung up on Rufus Wainwright for a couple of weeks now; beats me why. I guess something about the overblown... languidness? is hitting me properly. I don't know. Probably less than twenty percent of the sentiments actually resonate with me personally, even of my favorite songs, not that this stops me. I've also gone through periods where his dramatic wallowiness is too much, naturally, but that is not right now. It's also nice having most of his work be comfortably inside my singing-along range (his voice, I heard him talking in an interview on NPR and it's highish but really scratchy, like long-term smoking. You know me and weird voices).
I bought his latest album for chmmr's sister back when we were in Texas, and their parents were all, oh, more of Rufus Wainwright? all disappointed and slightly distasteful. The thought bubble over my head contained the Grinch smiling in grand Chuck Jones stylee.
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New biopic about Edith Piaf. I had no idea about any of the details of her life (which seem to be pretty surprising), but if Ebert says the actress did a good job, then I am satisfied. I would like to see it.
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The PBS show 'History Detectives' is not uninteresting, although it's for some reason never actually gripping enough that I seek it out (I suspect the fictionalisation of a hunt for information, glossing over long hours in this or that library, the expert advice that feels flat and weirdly too-well-suited (no long rambling conversation in which important information emerges)).
Anyhow, I was flipping channels a little while ago and ran across an ad for it, which I stayed and paid attention to long enough to figure out what the advertised show was, and why they were using the opening (and titular line) of 'Watching the Detectives' as a soundtrack.
I am somewhat amused to imagine Elvis Costello amiably agreeing that it was fine for PBS to use the song (I know they can't have the budget to pay much for it), but I am also amused by the metadescriptive aspect of this song, delineating not the content of the show but the relation the viewer has with it. Yes, I guess I am watching the detectives. Thank you for making that so clear.
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Via swinehund and madeofmeat comes a meme that will echo through the ages.
(Chmmr is working and I am taking a break from drawing Mr. Sinister.)

-MP3s on random.
-First couple of lines from each of the first twenty songs with lyrics that come up.
-Guess the song, try not to google.
Pray that what you lack does not distract )

I skipped over all songs not in english (no german or french ones came up; a couple of Pillows songs came up but I made the possibly condescending decision to leave them out due to the almost-no-one on my friendlist who has any japanese, let alone knows Pillows lyrics. I wouldn't know them if I saw them, that's for sure). I also skipped over all mashups (since lyrics can easily be from more than one song and thus become impossible to guess). Oh, and I cut-'n-replaced 'Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah', since, uh, that's the title. These rules made me have to fish for a while, but I think most of these are gettable.


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