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Holy crow, I have been boingboinged. (Thanks of course to my patron of the unsettling arts, the Total Dick-Head.)
(Also, note the last comment there on his blog post: Tessa Dick [PKD's last wife] thinks they are cool. I WIN.)
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Hey hapless working men and nurturing/castrating ladies, check it out: I've got a trial quantity of Can-D shirts up on the ol' etsy. Anyone want one?

If you're feeling wacky, you could also consider picking up one of my textier shirts at spreadshirt. Those are a little more obtuse, but if you like the Dickian references, well, who knows. Oh, and you should look at the backs of the shirts, because they make the whole shirt worthwhile sometimes.

I also have a couple of prints I may not have talked about up in the prints section. I'm working on a couple more, but first I think I'm going to slack off a bit now that my parents have gone back home and I can stop pretending I keep a clean house and don't play video games.

Ubik Time

May. 20th, 2008 04:18 pm
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Oh man I hope this happens properly.


Mar. 12th, 2008 09:57 pm
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The Man Who Fell to Earth (1976), Nicolas Roeg. February 23, 9-ish pm. View count: One.

Agh, christ, this movie had almost no redeeming value. I liked it when the female lead threw a wig at the back of Bowie's head, I cheered when she yelled 'Tommy, can you hear me?' and I cheered when Bowie looked like he was going to shoot her in the face, but otherwise I mostly writhed in unhappiness. And yet, somehow people fawn all over this thing. I'm without words.

We watched this in part because it supposedly referenced Solyaris; there was a Brueghel painting shown and a random horse print on a wall.

The good thing that this brought me though, was the knowledge that PKD's 'Mother Goose' in VALIS was David Bowie! I had NO IDEA. I guess this is what happens when you read things without the proper cultural setting. I had thought that all PKD's favorite music was horrid, due to the Linda Ronstadt thing. Thank you, internet! No citation, apparently, but I loved this line:
It has been reported that Dick genuinely believed that Bowie was attempting to communicate certain esoteric information via The Man Who Fell To Earth (and also via Bowie's album Station To Station). However, upon meeting Bowie, Dick apparently ceased to believe that Bowie was attempting such subliminal esoteric communication.

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Ooh, look, I got mentioned on the Total Dick-Head blog. Dude didn't pick the most pleasing photo, but, oh well. Extremely niche recognition is extremely niche recognition.

Ha ha, Evangelion characters doritos.

Some serious ups and downs, but here are some things film people emailed Ebert about Ingmar Bergman.
My dad showed me The Seventh Seal when I was a child, twelve maybe. I remember being pretty enthralled. I recently got my hands on some more of his work, and intend to watch the hell out of it.
Oh, and the conversations on ghibli blog posted the absolutely adorable little beer commercial/Bergman mashup from I forget what MST3K episode. Just to tie in with jwgh's comment.
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Remember that time I was all 'I am going to make the 'Galactic Pot Healer' pot?

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I just reread Galactic Pot Healer (it'd been... uh, since college?) and unlike the somewhat unsympathetic reviewer at PKDfans (trying to find an inspiring message in a PKD book? Are you quite serious?) found it rather unusually accessible and generally pretty terrific and fun. The thing that it made me want to do, though, was to take the community college ceramics course I was meaning to take (is it too late to sign up? I guess not!) and make the Public Service Announcement pot the protagonist encounters. (This pot is found as an artifact underwater, but it shows in sequential panels the protagonist's actions. The last panel has an explicit written warning in a speech bubble or something - which may end up too long to actually fit on the pot and which I might just skip - and also a little note at the bottom reading 'This has been a public-service message.' [metaparenthetical note: when I just now went to check the exact wording of the message, I opened the book immediately to the right page. This is the most PKDian thing that has happened to me in recent memory, which means I totally should sign up for the ceramics course. That and also the empire never ended, and I should keep an eye out for hot 70s teenage girls who will tell me what to do via complex symbols.])

The pot was awful.


Nov. 29th, 2006 06:53 pm
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As if we didn't know, Jonathan Lethem can play the game too.

I read his Fortress of Solitude a little while ago, which started really well but ultimately fell off. It is possible that that was his intent, but I had a hard time telling. It ended up feeling like the first half of something, maybe, sort of like all setup and no payoff.

Today I am spending on Anansi Boys. It's so Douglas Adamsy it's all over you screen.
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Goddamn it, this isn't even any good.
'Increasing trepidation'?! How out of character can you get for a PKD title? They're not even good fake Bob Dylan song titles, but that fits better than the intended pastiche.
My guess is that the author saw 'A Scanner Darkly' just now. And that is all.

* Post title is a clunky and ill-conceived repurposing of the title of Flow My Tears, the Policeman Said. You should probably just ignore it. JUST BECAUSE I CRITICISE DOES NOT MEAN I CAN DO IT.


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