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Hey, strangers and less-strangers, I just noticed that it's Feb 14, 2010. I started having a blog nine years ago today, on diaryland, and I didn't use capital letters.
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For Unpleasant and anyone else who wants actual choices. Provided those choices can have to do with my school-age television watching.

[Poll #1138516]
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Is this site a front for some kind of shady operation or extra-clever 'viral' thingy?
Please look around at the many types of spice racks. We hope we can help to inform your decision.

They do not actually sell spice racks, or link to places where they are sold.
Especially check the faq.
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Will all you guys be completely sick of my shit if I record and jabber about all the media I consume this year, instead of just the movies? I mean, not music, that would be horrible. But the other stuff. (television, books... youtube videos, I don't know.)
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Goddamnit, I so love these avatar things.

I am not letting them keep their alt text either.

For anyone who cares, Zusty is wearing pink jams, a fake Starfleet top, bee legwarmers, ganguro makeup, a Pulchinello mask, a nurse hat, and Pippi Longstocking hair (weird hair was hard to find; most of it was just attractive. There was a sort of Marge Simpson beehive, but it cost in-site currency). Here is zusty on a hoverboard, in a very Wigu-like pose. And here, looking contemplatively at the invisible dog.
The timing of the animations reminds me of the Civ world leaders. If there were actually any range in the facial features to speak of, I'd try to make Abe Lincoln or something. Maybe Gandhi.
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I had a much better run when I checked my wikipedia searches today than last time:

David Bowie
Elephant Shrew
List of Resident Evil 4 Creatures
(I was looking for this guy, my favorite monster in the game. We call him Jitters. I think my actual search was just 'resident evil 4')
Lieutenant Frank Drebin
(a guy in the new MGS4 trailer thing is called Drebin. This cracked me up.)

Now THAT is reflective.
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Overcompensating brings us a new meme. Forever.
Last five wikipedia searches, as revealed by filtering for 'wikipedia' in my browser history:

Hwi Noree
motion sickness

Not too bad. NOW YOU
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So, not that this person is still doing this, but if you were going to get a free achewood tattoo, what would you get, internet people? Please feel encouraged to look through the archive and write things regarding it in my comments, if you have no serious objections.

I am thinking of the classic What We Need More Of Is Science, although the Hr. Currywurst! logo would also be good. Or the Teodor-and-Roast-Beef on Roombas, complete with dotted line (note: I would never actually get this). Also Roast Beef's thought bubble in the last panel. Also also the second full-length Cartilage Head frame.
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Back, alive. Pictures to follow.
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I wonder if there has ever been an article in a clothes-centric magazine on cargo pants or skirts, entitled 'Cargo Cult.' I think that would be fairly excellent.


May. 7th, 2007 12:15 pm
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Goddamn, tea is probably the best thing in the world.
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These guys have missed out on the opportunity to totally condescend to us with an infographic. Past peak, indeed. I want 'Foliage Notably Absent' or 'Foliage Under Snow or Ice'. And in spring, 'Foliage Still Forming. Please check back in six months.'
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Hopefully this will be on the quick & harmless side of all the inevitable 'i am totally posting this from my wii browser omg!' posts.
However, it remains entirely true that I am totally posting this from my wii browser. Yes! An important milestone. Autocomplete is pretty invaluable.

Like the wind!
- zusty


May. 15th, 2006 04:44 pm
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Time again for meaningless internet toys! The accuracy of the syllable count is not so good, but the heart, the heart is there.

Mine )

Anti-cyclone )

Sevencubed )

Unpleasant )

Chmmr )
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Thanks to the prodding of 343, I hunted up this wayback machined version of mari-chan's site, back when she solicited names for her characters. This shit is a goldmine for terrordada, although all my favorites are from a couple of years before. Okay, maybe a goldmine in the sense that good stuff is really few and far between, but occasionally something worth the effort comes up. A really crappy goldmine, with so many references to bodily functions they're all over you screen.
NSFW, if people can read over your shoulder. So many swears.
There're some pictures archived in the earlier pages, so you can see what's being talked about, but it's not so important.

Okay, you know what, I'll just paste all the good ones in here. All unaltered from the original.
I've done the scanning FOR you. )
See what I mean? It's surprising how creative the collective internet can be, sometimes. Albeit insane and kind of stupid.


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