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Somehow, I had forgotten that Andrew Robinson was the fellow playing the excellent Garak on DS9. He's the guy who played the serial killer in Dirty Harry, and also the evil father in Hellraiser; he seems to get a lot of 'affable and functional --> dangerous crazypants' roles, and DS9 does not go against this trend.
In the relatively sterile world of Star Trek, the Cardassians as a race are a brilliant invention; fascist military fanatics with lots of clandestine spying and backstabbing. They are sort of what the Romulans wanted to be, only better fleshed-out and more solid. I thought Gul Dukat was fun as a Starfleet foil until Garak came along and showed us all how it should be done. (The episode we're up to is The Wire, but that's not even his best.)

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We just hit Majel Barrett's first (physical) appearance on DS9. Lwaxana Troi is like the personification of Victoria's Secret. It's alarming, but I enjoy her anyway.

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We've been watching some DS9 lately, which hasn't yet gotten tiresome. It's fun, and as chmmr observed, it's consistently better than the new Dr. Who.

(This was pretty endlessly amusing to us. There's just something about the plaintive edge in his voice. Also the word 'bread' is funny.)

(Is it not true? I believe it is.)

We just finished watching The Nagus episode, and I am thoroughly sick of looking at Ferengi. Even though this episode had the guy who played Vizzini in the Princess Bride.

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ST:TNG Season 7, episode 24: Preemptive Strike (Memory Alpha)
ST:TNG Season 7, episode 25: All Good Things (Memory Alpha)

Oh, the end, the end!

Preemptive Strike brought back Ensign Ro, who'd been promoted I think to Lieutenant. It is clear that she wants to kick some ass, but she is thrown into a weird undercover mission where she can make friends with the people she's supposed to betray.

All Good Things was actually a fair bit of fun, with an actual audience-soluble 'mystery', Picard unstuck in time (and totally without credibility)

and, finally, some Q.

This episode was actually well-paced,for once. Also got to see juxtaposed three generations worth of Starfleet uniforms and ship designs, which was a plus.

Goodbye, Next Generation! Goodbyyyyeeee! We'll have to watch something else now!
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ST:TNG Season 7, episode 24: Emergence (Memory Alpha)

This one had some fun elements: the holodeck train populated by representations of the Enterprise's systems (although these were never all spelled out... who were the flappers? Presumably the lawman was the command control, having been taken away from the human crew...), a 'sentient' Enterprise, for goodness' sake. Albeit a transiently sentient Enterprise, because I guess going two more episodes with a ship with a mind of its own was too much?

It was actually sort of interesting, but I don't have to make a big deal about it, do I?

Hilariously, Worf had to shovel coal while all the fun stuff was going on. He must be such a resentful guy.
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ST:TNG Season 7, episode 22: Bloodlines (Memory Alpha)

In this episode, Picard tries to interest his fake son, who looks unpleasantly and smugly like a Sears model, in some kind of alien stick.

(I thought it was a flute, but Memory Alpha says it was a 'prayer stick.' Sigh.)
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ST:TNG Season 7, episode 21: Firstborn (Memory Alpha)

At the beginning, Picard expressed a wish to see some ruins.

This is completely forgotten about. I figure he wandered around for the rest of the episode wondering if it was time to look at ruins yet.

A guy whose name sounds like 'Chimchar' is rude to Riker. Worf is upset about it.

The Duras sisters display their traditional Klingon boobwindows. It's a proud culture, that venerates its Psychlo boots and eyebrow wax.

There is also some crap about Alexander. Eh.
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Chmmr dug these up somehow [addendum: Data Krupa was sent him by 343] and for this he is forever my hero.
The deal is, some guy redubs bits of Star Trek, with mostly hilarious results. If I could excise all the bad overlays I would, but they're survivable.

Data Krupa
Outtakes Vol 2 (Vol 1 sucks, it's a different guy)
What would you do with a raisin
Chin Hitler
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ST:TNG Season 7, episode 18: Genesis. (Memory Alpha)

ST:TNG Season 7, episode 19: Journey's End. (Memory Alpha)

'Genesis' is the one in which everyone devolves in hilarious ways. Worf spits acid on Beverly's face. Troi has a terrific fishlike expression in one shot (intentionally!) that was about the only thing I remembered from this episode. Except for Spot turning into an iguana.

Actual quote!

Not an actual quote! Should have been though. (That is one of those data pad things. I don't actually know what they look like in any specific way. Whoops.)

'Journey's End' is the one in which Wesley is contacted by the Traveller again, this time on an american indian colony.
First, Wesley is a jerk:

Then he is in a special, mysteriously drug-free trance that does not look like this:

Then his mom tells him to dress warmly when on other planes of existence. Everyone looks at their feet in embarrassment.
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ST:TNG Season 7, episode 18: Eye of the Beholder. (Memory Alpha)

This episode had sort of a cute concept, but it failed to be a satisfying episode. Mostly this was due to the lack of skill in showing Troi's internal visions in relation to reality. I'm not a fan of the 'it was all a psychic projection!' school of writing.
The high point was probably Worf (in Troi's head, I guess) trying to ask Riker if it was okay for him to date her.

Troi is really starting to look skull-like. And I guess she has the hots for Worf, since this is the second time it's been brought up in the series. Yawn.
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ST:TOS: season 1, episode 17: Shore Leave. (Memory Alpha).

Good old Shore Leave! So very many stereotypes. I'd like to note that this episode specifically determines Kirk's age to be 35 (the academy was fifteen years ago, and the fake Irish rival guy says that he's still twenty years old). This makes him hitting on the nineteen-year-old murderer's daughter in Conscience of the King just extra super ungood.

Anyhow, planet manifests nice things:

(Kirk did not agree, even when Sulu explained that it fired metal pellets via combustion.)

planet manifests bad things:

(Even when he's being heroic there're undertones of unpleasantness! Or at least there are now!)

everything works out in the end. I guess.

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ST:TOS: season 1, episode 13:The Conscience of the King. (Memory Alpha).

Chmmr is Away On Business and so I decided to watch me some Old Trek. I happened to pick the episode where everyone says 'Kodos' a lot, which is its own reward. Shatner lotharios it up in the face of social cues to the contrary. It's the Original Series, all right.

Did you get my clever show-convention visual reference? DID YOU?
What I forgot to put in was that while this 'hey baby' sequence was happening, there was a LOUNGE VERSION of the main Star Trek theme playing. Oh. Oh it was so great.

And, an extra-special always-appropriate fed-up Spock.

AND, as a bonus on top of the bonus, a Spocky-Spock for even you! )


Jan. 8th, 2008 09:44 pm
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ST:TNG Season 7, episode 17: Masks. (Memory Alpha)

Another pretty lame one. According to Memory Alpha, it's Michael Dorn's least favorite episode! Data got to conceptually crossdress (again), but he also got to do his I'm Acting! Lore-ish bit, which I could really do without. It's got hilarious masks, but it's also got way too much time dithering around and watching art class with Troi not being helpful. Pfuh.

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Since we didn't watch any Star Trek yesterday (we went downtown and saw the Bladerunner final cut), here is a re-enactment of a REAL EVENT that took place instead. Involving Star Trek. SORRY!

Tadich Grill
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ST:TNG Season 7, episode 16: Thine Own Self. (Memory Alpha)

This one was rather arbitrary, with the A plot being Data with no memory on some planet saving the locals from radiation poisoning, and the B plot being Troi learning how she has to behave so that she can pass the Be A Commander test (which they gave her some pretty lame reasons for caring about).

This is completely true to the episode; she had to sacrifice simulation-Geordi (almost immediately, too) in order to save the simulation-Enterprise. Riker was smug throughout.

I have a couple of other character doodles, but since the scanner is, uh, someplace, and since the photo I took wasn't great, this is it for now.
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ST:TNG Season 7, episode 14: Sub Rosa. (Memory Alpha)

ST:TNG Season 7, episode 15: Lower Decks. (Memory Alpha)

'Sub Rosa' was just awful, to the extent that it even has an Agony Booth entry. The best thing that can be said for it is that it supplies a possible techno sample of Picard saying 'vigorous libido.' It's an embarrassing story about Dr. Crusher and her terrible Harlequin ghost romance. So I, uh, focussed on something stupider.

(This was a quip that chmmr made. I believe it is an accurate summation of the setup.)

(I also made this, but I think it may be the worst image I have ever made.)

'Lower Decks' was somewhat better, but still not terribly exciting. It was trying to show the lives of the lesser officers, but it was mostly just their sad jockeying for promotions and then one of them (Wesley's old crony from the episode where he and his friends accidentally blow up a guy) gets shot up by Cardassians.

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ST:TNG season 7, episode 13: Homeward. (Memory-Alpha link)

This is a pretty goofy episode where there's not-very-well-thought-out Prime Directive dilemma-ing. A culture's historical record is simultaneously acknowledged as important and treated as worthless.
Worf spends the whole episode totally put out.


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