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Karla Z ([personal profile] zustifer) wrote2012-01-12 06:24 am
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Woman of the Something

Woman of the Year (1942), George Stevens. Jan 7, 7pm. View count: One.

This one's sort of a doozy. It comes worryingly close to looking as if the movie's trying to paint Katharine Hepburn in the light of a successful lady who needs to stop being successful because she is married now. Even as it actually turns out, there're undertones of that idea, and obvious ones, too. The allegations that the movie is showing that one has to put in work to make any endeavor happen are sort of founded, but then there're also lines wherein Katharine Hepburn is explicitly called 'not a woman,' seemingly in reaction to actions of hers that are not concerned with the home. The money here is not entirely where the mouth is. The man half of the couple is often petulant and not inclined to talk about what his problems are. There's a couple of clever decisions made, such as not translating or subtitling foreign languages spoken (and Hepburn acquits herself pretty well in german and greek, as far as I could tell), Katharine Hepburn came off pretty believable as a really successful lady, even to the point that her core of wanting to be in a 1950s relationship seemed to ring a little false.
All in all, um, I don't know. I don't really feel like the merits were enough to make me think of it in an overall positive light. The writing didn't really strike me as being massively impressive, and the characters were cop-outs.

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