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(Inspired (via chmmr) by the top half of this)
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The 400 Blows (1959), Francois Truffaut. March 8, 4:30pm. View count: One.
Stalker (1979), Andrei Tarkovsky. March 9, 7pm. View count: One.

Holy crow, weekend of excellent goddamn movies. These have been out for a minimum of 29 years, so I will not cut for spoilers.

The 400 Blows (which we were encouraged to see while it was playing near us on the big screen by Optic) apparently has a title that means something rather non-obvious in french: 'to raise hell', or something of that sort. This is the useful thing I learned from reading the imdb page; otherwise it was pretty unhelpful. For some reason people think the puppet show scene (a long set of shots wherein a rapt audience of little kids watch a violent fairytale-based show) was just the most inspiring thing in the world, that oh, truly, children are amazing and their sense of wonder is like unto ambergris or some such in its preciousness. That scene actually made clear the most important concept the movie was putting forth: that children absorb all the terrible things they're given.

It was a surprisingly straightforward film; it took its time about things and let you absorb them. Beautiful environments, wonderful acting (and this despite no sync sound in the entire thing!), and a really believable kid buffeted by believable circumstance. Good stuff. This French New Wave thing MIGHT JUST GO SOMEWHERE.

Stalker: Oh criminy, I cannot believe I had not seen this until now. This was a really remarkable thing, this movie. I still have a hard time believing it came out in 1979; the look and feel somehow have nothing to do with that time period. If I had had to guess, I would have said it was made in the last ten years. Nothing dates it, except maybe, maybe the headscarf of the little girl. It's treated a lot like a stage play, which is surprising since that doesn't often come off well in film. The environments are pretty astonishing; so detailed, textured, composed.

A strange thing I happened to notice was that there were some strong parallels with another somewhat surprising movie. Stalker opens in sepia tone, holding that palette until the protagonist (Stalker) arrives with two guys at the Zone, which is very, very green and lush-colored. The Zone is also said to be a place that grants wishes. Protagonist is followed by and eventually takes back with him a black dog. Back in the normal (sepia) world, he even is shown in a sequence wherein a woman mops his brow with a cloth while he lies in bed. Now then! Surely this cannot be a coincidence. The departing point being that Protagonist considers the Zone his real home (and in fact that is the first thing he says there), and he is the one with the power to go back and forth between worlds, escorting normal people to get wishes, not the other way around (the power was in Stalker all along). Also there isn't really much there on a moment-to-moment level; no references, no clear analogues of places or characters. So, I suppose who knows, really, but I sort of enjoy the concept that Tartovsky decided to incorporate a little reverse Wizard of Oz into this film which concerns itself with whether what humans actually want is anything remotely good.
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I never realized that the protagonist of at least Johnny Cash's version of 'Cocaine Blues' is named Billy Lee. This really made me want to do a video for it with footage from Naked Lunch (what is it with me and Peter Weller lately?), although I don't think there's enough there to sustain it. After the William Tell act, there's, uh... I don't know. If I could cg up a jury box full of Mugwumps, I would. Oh, I would.

(Also I'm pleased to note that Naked Lunch appears to be the only keyword hit for 'Talking Anus'. All's right with the world.)
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One named Velocipede reminded me that I was going to make a post about the recent spate of Being Batman posts on askmefi.
Tools, training, workout.

The best part of all three threads is this part: Finally, you really do have to factor in the oft-untouched factor that Bruce Wayne is severely insane. Because, you know, you do.
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Whenever I see Solomon Grundy (Animated Justice League version), all I can think of is an overgrown, undead Jeremy Irons.
I'd say 'Discuss', but, really. Where's the point.
(I had a link to the filmstills community, but it was protected, I guess. D'oh.)
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Pretty goofy askmefi question (with way too much emphasis on the word 'panties' in the responses), but the notable part of it is that the boyfriend, from the quote, appears to be Roast Beef.
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Is there a concept better on this earth than buying coffee from David Lynch?

PS: IMDB says David Lynch's birthday is tomorrow, the 20th.
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Okay guys, you need to go look at this page rite now.
Sadly it's all photoshoppery (as opposed to appalling amounts of makeuppery and costumery), but still heck of enjoyable.
Some of 'em are click-through storylines or something (like Doraemon), so don't neglect to try to click. Also the Pokemon one is one of the awesomer ones.
Oh, and look, a process page! Complete with awesome dragon page divider thingies!

(from Mari)
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Who's seen Pan's Labyrinth?
Go here and tell me what the top thing reminds you of.

(No spoilers, in case you're curious or something.)
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Welp, we spent last night watching crappy crap on television and Silence of the Lambs on chmmr's monitor and Hard Gay videos on wii-youtube. It was pretty cool. We don't seem to have any food in the house, though.
I've messed up two separate mini-projects today. At least I have it together sufficiently to attempt said projects. Well, uh, here's some hybrid video foolishness I perpetrated, anyhow. Maybe I'll make you, the internet, a mix, instead.

In other news, this is rather great: Res. Evil 4 live action inappropriateness.
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If you cannot maintain a Blomby Car article, then you should not have created a Blomby Car article.


(by request)

There used to be, I'm told, although I can't seem to find it on the net (perhaps I have the wording slightly wrong) an ad campaign or common saying about Jaguar (cars) that went something like 'If you cannot maintain a Jaguar, you should not own a Jaguar.' Apart from one time about ten years ago seeing it modified to 'If you cannot maintain a jaguar head, you should not own a jaguar head,' about something, uh, different, I also said it myself or read it about Blomby Car. Blomby Car was some old racing game I really enjoyed the name of (seriously, who can resist?), and you can see the inherent comedy gold. So I just now decided to check the wikipedia entry for it, since JP had virtual consoled up an old racing game and I wanted to be snappy with my Blomby Car Trivia, but seemingly the article has been deleted for lack of relevance or who knows what. Anyway, the plaintive wikipedia talk entry about how the guy worked to make entries for arcade games probably won't last forever, so this joke is ephemeral and this is no more than it deserves.

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Interview with Irene Pepperberg over at the blog of a nice grad student lady who plugs the Alex Foundation store.
Irene Pepperberg is currently the only scientist I've made a Mii of. (Speaking of not having grammar.)
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This is a song from 1929 (Nowt About Owt) that is pleasant in part because it sounds like Joanna Newsom at some point will happen upon a time machine and use it to go back and record this.
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Similarly concerned with not-that-exciting songs, listen to this and picture Dr. Girlfriend as the singer.
Why not?
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I'm pretty burnt due to this week of extremely long days (I am taking over a class for another teacher), but I nevertheless have time to post these awesome screengrabs of a Sailor Moon episode.

Note Sailor Mercury's little DS-like pasocon. It's supposed to do whatever improbable computery things are needed in the episode. I don't know, it makes little beepy noises.

Larger, more hilarious pictures down here. )
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Usin' my dubious photoshop powers for evil. No, wait, good. Definitely good.


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