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No one's using the lastfm grapher site right now, and it seems to throw up a lot fewer hangs and broken files. Why not graph some musical habits?
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I was going to make a somewhat assy post about the arbitrary nature of both the new-year-resolution thing and the actual things I would want to resolve to do, but instead I spent like four hours trying to make charts out of my past year of movie watching.

First I made this, which was way too hard to make for what it is:

(That's number of movies viewed per month, with a low of 0 (February) and a high of 9 (August and September))

Then I spent forever on this bubbl.us thing which is unintelligible and humongous.

Anyway, there turned out to be 55 of them (51 unique movies), averaging out of course to be slightly better than one per week, which is pretty boring. Here's the list, at any rate. )

I expect I will keep doing this, because I like generating statistics.
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Yoshio Kuga, from Kurosawa's 'The Idiot', and Beryl from Beetlejuice.
I'd never seen The Idiot, so I'd never made this connection, but a nice blogger posted the first picture, and, well, I saw the second. (Beryl smokes, too, but this was the best shot.)
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This is entertaining; it's a site that lets you make little charts of concepts. Here is what I made in ten minutes or so.

With a lot of ideas it becomes difficult to arrange them well fairly quickly, and I don't think it's meant for too many sublevels of relations, but it's still not unamusing.

[Edit] Oh hell yes, I can just link to it. Click and drag like google maps to navigate.
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I'm posting this to record that I'm putting a new brassiere into rotation, so as to see how long it takes before the elastic in the straps starts getting all nonelastic. It's the grey one, future me.

The Whedony X-Men book was pleasant, Unpleasant. I do think he benefits from actual actors (meaning: live-action), though, as without them his characters start to all sound the same kind of quickly. But still fun, and for some reason the pinup with White Queen's hands over Scott's eyes pleased me.

I now own this. LOOK at all the good stuff that seller has.

Work has made me tired. Chmmr gets to be home this weekend, though, and that is Teh Bext.

...Why do I have a tag called 'density'?

(I use this avatar (Karma) usually when I'm talking about superhero comics (usually positively; goofier stuff gets Griffy) or when I'm saying something I should be embarrassed about, and especially when they overlap. If I hadn't mentioned the X-Men, I probably would have used the Delia avatar with the expectant and somewhat put off expression right before she launches into Day-O.)
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I'm somewhat disappointed that with these livejournal quizmemes, there's no easy way to track their spread. Usually people are nice enough to mention where they got it, but it's not mandatory. I want some kind of little code that you place at the end of your post, so that you have an identifier for you and your post number, and people getting it from you could generate their own by inputting this. And what would REALLY be nice would be a link to a visualization of the tree you've formed, with names marked and everything. Oh, and changes introduced, even.
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Uh, seriously, what's the point of this crap? You got three people to record the media they consume for a week, and that's it? No analysis, no larger sample size? What the hell.
I could get better information on freaking myspace. Thank you so much, fruity New York publication.

(link from n0wak)
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There was a crummy movie on last night, an 80s movie with Lorraine from Back to the Future in it. It also had Elias Koteas in it, as an extremely contrived young tough, which was sort of entertaining. Otherwise it was pretty stupid, but that was probably because it was a John Hughes piece. I was amused to find, while looking through his imdb page, that he had a hand in all the Beethoven movies (the St. Bernard ones), but used an alias. The best part, though, is that he also did some work on Maid in Manhattan, using the same alias. I am just imagining the foreknowledge that this script he was about to sign off on was a piece of shit in a way that equates with the shittiness of Beethoven. So even he has standards.
For contrast though, he used his own name on Dennis the Menace, Baby's Day Out, and Homes Alone I, II, and III.
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This pisses me off. Not the concept of tracking people and synthesizing behavior/buying patterns, whatever. That's slightly distasteful, but it doesn't upset me. I'm even interested to some extent by the idea of extrapolating from external cues what people will like. It pisses me off that the jerks that had their movie fortunes read by those other jerks were so freaking predictable.
Although it does piss me off also that the movie jerks think the Big Lebowski is a stoner movie. Bitchfaces.
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Something is flawed about listening to all my music in a giant randomized pile (which is how I usually listen).
I have a poor sense of what I actually have, which may be (er... is) in part due to sheer volume, but definitely also is attributable to the acontextualized nature of any one song in the song-mass.

I don't remember what albums things are on, which isn't so bad on its own, but which feeds into the previous problem (it's easier to know you have an album, and know approximately what's on that album than to just know you have some array of songs by an artist, and that they must be divided into albums in some way).

I miss the subtleties and interconnectedness between one track by an artist and another, because I lack the frame of reference of the same-artist tracks surrounding the one I care about. Instead, it's usually surrounded by completely different things that have nothing (except in strange occasional cases) to contribute to it. I still know the order of songs I had on cassettes when I was younger, and even some cds from somewhat later. But I don't make that kind of memory anymore.

This makes me bad at making mixes. I mean, I'm not great at doing that anyway, but I do like doing it. But I'm not growing the individual associations that each song should present, properly; I'm not getting all of the song's content when it's just some song by I don't know whom in a long line of songs. My current mix strategy is to just put songs in a folder when I run across them and they strike me as having a particular purpose or potential place in a mix, but this is massively inefficient and doesn't work so well when I want to put a cd-length playlist together in less than, say, a month or two. And even then, it's not a matter of my subconscious finally furnishing me with the ideal song (usually), but of me happening to run across something that seems appropriate while I'm listening to it.
(It cuts down, though, on mix-behavior like I used to display where I'd forget that Awesome Song by the Lumpen Storkbats was nine minutes long and changed character twice and probably shouldn't go between those other, shorter, pithier songs... but it does favor choosing songs that seem neat in the moment, e.g. upbeat snappy songs that seem good right off the bat instead of maybe more sleepers or subtle songs.)

It's hard to get into the mood for a particular artist, and impossible to have that be satisfied without leaving the all-songs-on-random mode. It's like being stuck perpetually inside a remarkably incompetent mixtape. Or maybe a radio station which is generally good but utterly without a sense of flow.

Hmm. So, sort of relevantly, anyone have any musicky suggestions? What do you really love that I never listen to? Lemme know.
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Maybe this says more about me than about the languages involved, but I don't think any of these german examples is particularly inelegant or ugly. Jeez, it's sensical (uh, generally) and as my old teacher used to say, 'so logisch.'
Maybe I really should take that programming class. My art gland is clearly broken.

Also won't-fit-anywhere observation: when you're in a car and most of the low- and midrange of music on the radio is being white-noised out (and the volume isn't up too high), a lot of songs sound like they could be David Byrne.

Also also: I want a way to graph LJ usericon usage in relation to tags.

* 'The good salamander shoe!' From an ad for Salamander-brand shoes. I used to wear them when I was little. My wordpress blog that I don't use now is the number one hit for this search string still, somehow.
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So... it's not that there were too many kit kat flavors, it's that they just all sucked.
I don't see what the problem is with having a lot of choice in mediocre britishy candy, inherently. I mean, I understand that if it sits around for months it won't be fresh any longer, but surely this is something of a solved problem for manufacturers. The article is really very evil-british (even though it is from the Wall Street Journal?) in that particular 'it was fine, but then you had to go and try to make too many interesting varieties!' way, and it very much equates the poor quality (seems generally that stuff is oversweet) of the candy with its variety, and that just doesn't make any damn sense.

[Addemdum: people always make this mistake: some company tries to do something new, but they do it poorly, and the lesson taken away is NEVER TRY ANYTHING NEW. That is what is pissing me off here.]

* I believe this was a mimi smartypants line.
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You know what would be expedient? If LJ interests and LJ tags could somehow be crossed, so that tag-interests could somehow grow organically out of what tags you use and how often. That way it's meaningful all by itself, as opposed to constructed to hopefully be meaningful. (I was just going back and tagging entries, and happened upon my big whiny post about LJ interests.)
However, the way you'd use tags would have to be a little different (categories could be less broad and such), but whatever. It's easier to put names to concrete things you are currently talking about than to divide your whole consciousness into named piles.

Also I would really like a way to mass-tag things on LJ, as lastfm does it, f'rinstance. Going back and tagging entries one by one is so much for chumps that it's all over you screen.


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